Donating patterns for

Our charity is seeking patterns to use for charity. We are seeking for original patterns from you. If you are interested in donating a pattern for to our charity please contact us we will use them in our future newsletters and also on our forum board where our members can use them for charity.
Hope to hear from you! :muah: Thank you ahead of time!


Here’s a simple pattern for you for charity or personal use:

Snuggie Blanket (20" by 24")
by Mary Morris

7 - 8 ounces Caron Simply Soft
Size 7 needles; machine knitting instructions to follow

Cast on 100 st. Knit to desired length. Loosely cast off. Block. Crochet sc, ch 3 around, frontward or backward.

Machine knitting:

Use Caron Simply Soft Brights; some of the other CSS yarns are too stiff.

Standard machine, tension 10, Cast on 100 st every other needle. Knit 148 to 150 rows. Latch hook bind off. Block. Crochet sc, ch 3 around, frontward or backward.

For stripes, change colors every 21 rows. This gives 7 stripes.

Hey could we use it in our newsletter and do you have a picture of a finished blanket? :cheering: :yay: Thanks

You may use the hand knit pattern in your newsletter. I’ve already given the machine knitting pattern to Carewear for their newsletter. Is that okay? I don’t think I have a photo. I’ll check.

Here are my photos. They aren’t too great, but you may use them.

For the striped one I changed colors every 21 rows.

I’ll try to find some other patterns for you.