Donating knit baby clothes?

Alright, so I’m addicted to cute. has a problem I collect anything Hello Kitty, any stationery that’s tiny or shapen like food and I am constantly making purchases based on their cute factor.

I really like the look of tiny baby knits, but I don’t have a baby, don’t expect to be expecting, don’t know anyone who is and so I think the best option to feed my habit is to donate.Plus this way I’m being productive XD

I don’t want to do something like freecycle or craigslisting it off; I want to make sure it goes to people who need it. I’m paying for yarn and putting my time into it, right? :slight_smile: I don’t want it to go to some well off mother with a love for handmade who just lacks the ability, and I don’t want to sell.I don’t want to give them to a thrift store so they can be sold either. I want whoever gets them to have them 100% free of charge.

This brings up a few questions:

What is the best material to make baby clothes out of for a low income mother? What items should I be making the most? Do I need to request permission from pattern writers before making knits to donate? -and- Is there an organization that specifically deals with pairing up items with people who need them?

How generous of you!

Maybe you could check with hospitals in your area with neonatal units, or see if there is a home for unwed mothers.
A google search of ‘donate preemie items’ gave numerous sites with lists of organizations that accept donations (and also tell you which items they require most).

When I make baby items for family & friends, I often use Bernat Softee Baby because it feels nice and it’s machine wash/dryable.
As far as requesting permission from pattern writers, nobody is making a profit on an item made from their pattern so I think there are no permission concerns. I’m sure someone else with more knowledge can answer this for you.

We have a center that helps both wed and unwed mothers. Maybe you have a group like that in your area. I agree with gotta knit, hospitals are in need of hats and blankets.

When I make hats and blankets, I use soft washable yarns.

You can check out the Charity Forum here to see what baby organzaions might be listed there.

I think the lionbrand website has a charity section.

Some charity websites list patterns that can be used for their items. Check any info on patterns you’d like to use to make sure the designer does/doesn’t list any restrictions for it’s use. Even designers of free patterns might list use restrictions.

I’d use whatever you can get that is soft & machine washable. The Caron Simply Soft line is a good one for baby items.

Maybe one of the Mods could move this over tho the Charity thread. There are lots of people “in the know” over there. You might want to hook up with one of the oddball baby blanket books.

Guidepost magazine had a sweater project at one time.

Diana Troldohl is putting together a list of charities here.

Hi…I found a few by going to the Lion Brand website. You can put in your zip code and find something that way.