Donating a baby blanket?

Hi everyone!

I just finished making a baby blanket, just to try it out and see how it went… There are a few minor flaws in it, but overall it’s not bad (maybe I’ll try and put pictures up later in the whatcha knittin part). I’m just wondering if I could donate it to my local Harbor House (shelter for women who are getting out of bad situations and such) as I’m sure they have babies come into there occasionally, and I don’t have a need for this blanket at the moment. Do you think they would take it?


I have no doubt they would. Our local children’s hospital is who I knit for, and have the knit a long going on for. As long as it’s machine washable, they love things that help kids…

Thanks so much! My mom figured they’d probably take it (there’s really no reason for them not too…). It is machine washable, so I’ll weave in the ends sometime this week and take it over next weekend!