Donate Hats, Mittens, Scarves to Project

I live in Colorado and create care packages each year for the cancer
patients of metro Denver for Valentines Day. Would your group be interested in knitting a hat or scarf for pediatric or adult patients? Mittens for kids are fun too!

I could use the help. We usually make 100 kids bags and 400 adult.

My web site is at

If you knit something, please tag it with washing instructions, note
if it is wool, and also write your name and a valentine message on the tag?
My mailing address to receive the knitted stuff is:

Project Valentine
8335 Fairmount Dr. #3-104
Denver, CO 80247

I need all items by February 9, 2007 LATEST to get in the bags. THANKS!!!

I’ll send you a scarf!

I have a couple of pairs of mittens and some home made socks my kids didn’t like. Fickle 13 year-olds! I would love to send them to you. I have already washed them and they are so soft and supple I hate to leave them wasting away in the closet!

That sounds like fun! Do they have to be red or can they be pink? I don’t know offhand if I have any red, but I can get some if need be.