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Hi guys - still furiously knitting for Christmas but just wanted your opinions on something :slight_smile: I wondered if anyone knew much about Donald Trump - I know the basic stuff: tycoon, unbelievable amount of money, hamster stapled to his head etc, but he’s trying to set up a massive golf thing in my hometown and there’s a lot of controversy about it. It’s this £2bn development, creating homes and jobs and so on, bringing a massive amount of revenue into the city and surrounding area - but -

One of the big sections of the proposed course is an area called Balmedie Beach, which has a protected unique ecosystem. Nothing like it exists anywhere else in the world, and it’s feared that development would destroy it.

So, the fight goes back and forward - the council had a hung vote and then finally ruled against it, but 11 places elsewhere in Scotland came forward offering their areas for the site. So now he’s given the council a 30-day ultimatum before he takes it somewhere else, and the decision’s been taken away from the council and into the hands of the Scottish Government, although they’ve said there’ll be no ruling until March because there’s protocols to follow.

There is a school of thought that says that the ecosystem would be better protected under his development than not, because he would have to follow environmental policies that drunken neds with cider and novas don’t have to follow (when the families have gone home for the day, they’re the ones that frequent the area atm), but, what I really want to know is how likely he is to follow the environmental policies.

Obviously none of this is my decision - but I can see both sides - the revenue would make a huge difference to our area, hopefully - but I also believe that unique ecosystems should be protected and that all that money isn’t worth losing such an important place in our country (it’s a great beach for families on the 2 or 3 days of the year it’s not too freezing to go there ;-)).

I also have a thing against huge corporations getting what they want just cause they can throw money at it, but I’m willing to accept that it might be a good thing as long as the coast is protected.

So, any ideas? Experiences? Opinions?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:
Fi xxx


I’ve read about the issue there. All I know for sure is that Trump didn’t make his money by being a nice guy and caring about the little people or the environment. The guy cares about one thing and only one thing, making more money.

I believe he’s filed corporate bankrupty one or more times, what he calls “restructuring” I think. Not sure how it all works but, from what I understood, it meant that people he owed money to were out of luck.

I lost respect for the man a long time ago. He did a similar thing in New Jersey–wanting to tear down an old woman’s life-long home for a parking lot. A Parking Lot!!!11 When she wouldn’t sell, he just went to the local legislature and tried to have the laws changed. He almost got away with it, but public outcry stopped him. At least for a while. I don’t know what happened in the end.

He’ll promise to protect the ecosystem, but likely wouldn’t care if the sewage system ran through it. As long as it makes money and has his name on it, nothing else matters.:ick:

Oddly enough I just read a current news story claiming that Trump recently left a waiter a $10,000 tip on an $82 dinner check.

That aside, I still think he’s greedy scum. Probably just trying to impress a client or investor.

He built one of those golf courses near where I live. It costs $100,000 a year for a membership. Personally I think it’s disgusting.

Have to keep out the riff raff ya know. Well, unless ya need waiters and caddies.

Thanks guys - I figured that was what he was like :frowning: I kind of held out hope for someone with a responsible approach, but hey. About the old lady - there’s been a similar outcry here - the proposed development included a guy’s farm, and he just refused to sell. No matter what he was offered, and it was reportedly quite a lot, he refused. The problem is, if the council were to rule in Trump’s favour, it wouldn’t matter if he refused to sell because there’s a clause to account for it. The rule became public when they started planning our bypass (which still hasn’t come into being) - wherever it goes, some people are going to lose their homes, so there’s always going to be people who object but have to be overruled. Sigh.

The Scottish Govt taking it is good in one way - it is a decision that should be a national one given the impact it will make. Unfortunately, the party that runs the Scottish Govt live in cloud cuckoo land and think the fairies bring the gold every night to fund their ridiculous policies, so I’m not entirely sure they’re capable of making a rational decision about this, given that they haven’t shown themselves to be rational in any way, shape or form so far.

Rant rant rant.

Fi xxx

Good luck! BTW, I’ll never forget the bit about the hamster. I’ve often wondered why a guy with as much money as he does can have such bad hair. Hasn’t anyone ever told him how stupid he looks?

It was proven that he didn’t do that. He claims the restaurant is using his name for publicity.

That doesn’t surprise me in the least and restores my faith in my belief that he and his kind are scum.