Domino/ Modular/ Mitre knitting

Hello Everyone:

This is my first day as a registered member of and I am really looking forward to benefitting from the knitting knowledge gathered here.

As you can see from my “title” I need help with understanding some of the instructions associated with what’s known as “domino,” “modular” or “mitre” knitting. Knitting one square is not a problem, but I get totally lost when the time comes to build on the “end stitch” by picking up/casting on additional stitches for the next square. I have no doubt that I am making a process more difficult than it actually is. I am often guilty of doing that. I purchased several books on the subject, but still can’t figure it out. Are there any tutorial videos on the subject? I scoured the Internet but came up empty. Hellllllllllp.


NoisyNeedles in Virginia

They’re different techniques, so it may be best to use a pattern that has only one technique and follow the instructions in it. Then pick another pattern with a different one and follow it.

To cast on more sts at the end or beginning of a row, use the knit or cable cast on.