Dominican Republic? ..who am I kidding :'( am I alone?

What are the odds of another dominican in this forum who knits AND speaks english…I know I know cero to none…but the hope still remains…so if by chance there is someone pleaseeeeeee do not hesitate to PM, Reply, or Email Me! :smiley:

You may (or may not?) be alone geographically, but you are not alone in spirit. You’ve got lots of friends here!

awww you’re such a sweetheart!! thank you so much!!! :slight_smile: :hug: :hug: :muah:

Maybe there are other island knitters???

Don’t feel so lonely, I’m Korean… Lived most of my life in South America. Lived in Paraguay for 19 years and 6 1/2 in Suriname. So my native language is Spanish… I can pretend to be from REPUBLICA DOMINICANA. Does this make you feel better??? :teehee:

awwww you gals! you’re gonna make me cry now!! :smiley: I love you all soo much!! :smiley: actually Hildie there was one from barbados but I haven’t seen her around…and Juneko sure you can pretend to be from the DR!! :smiley: It would definitely make me feel better! :rofl: :rofl: :hug: :hug: :hug:

:waving: Hi! I’m still around! I know how you are feeling… it would be nice to do a knitting nite somewhere… you know, do cool things that you read about on here on other places on the web. I guess for now I have to be satisfied with just that :shrug: It’s good to know that there is another Caribbean knitter on here! :muah: :muah: :muah:


Its youuuuuu :cheering: I was wondering about you Lisa! how are things over there in barbados?? have you gotten any cool weather yet??

cool weather??? What’s cool weather in the carribbean… 70s?

:teehee: We sure do Hilde… anything below 75 is chilly for me especially at night. It might get a bit “colder” mostly when you guys get very very cold and the wind blows down here. I consider it cold when at night I have to wrap up in a blankie! Remember we get high 80’s (feels like low 90’s) to low 90’s (feels like high 90’s) with UV indices like 9/10. I wear a cardigan in the office and get really :!!!: mad when people turn the a/c to 68! That’s my floor. Don’t talk about the floor where the Canadians work! Its like they are recreating their home climate! :rofl: Heck, some days in July when we visited San Fransisco were FREEZING!!!

Rita, since you are closer to North America you guys must have your blankies out too!

hahahaha well of course Hildie!! :teehee: right now its 73 degrees F. and I’m wearing a sweater AND the fan is off!..I’ll probably turn it on before I go to bed but I’ll definitely cover myself with my very thick blankie!..we get temperatures as cold as 68 degrees IF we’re lucky! :rofl: :rofl: 68 is practically scarf weather here! :teehee:

Thats hilarious Lisa! I do love it when the air conditioner is as cold as it can possibly be!! There is one part of the island called Cosntanza, its a town with surrounding mountains where the temperature goes down to 40 to 30 degrees, my favorite place here! :slight_smile:

Although I now live in the US Midwest, I grew up in LatinAmerica, so count up another spanish speaker here. :thumbsup:

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I’m the only KH member in my entire state…I feel your pain!

I’m born and raised in the US, pero hablamos spañol in mi casa, usualmente.

awww you gals are great!! thanks for the support!! :smiley:

Well, my dad lives in Santo Domingo, and I’ve visited him there… is that close enough? :slight_smile:

:happydance: Hey! I’m glad to find another Dominican here. I didn’t think knitting was common back home. My name is Larissa. I am Dominican, but I live in Charlotte, NC. I just moved here six months ago and I love it.

I just joined this group today and I’m still not very familiar with the blogs. One of the reasons I joined is to see if I can find people in my area who knit and crochet. I, personally don’t know anyone. I taught myself how to crochet about 18 years ago and now I’m teaching myselft how to knit. I also would like to have a knitting/crochet club at the elementary school in my area. I still don’t know how to go about that since I never taught anyone before. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

ohmygosh I’ve been MIA for so long I forgot about checking this thread! sorry!! :oops: well yeah thats close enough! I live in santo domingo! :smiley:

I am not from the Dominican but have visited there - does that count? :wink:

Just wanted to say hello to you!

Wanda be Knitting

I hope you find some knitters! I love both your knitting blog and your Christian one. I have both as well and posted to your hat, great! Gotta get that pattern!