Dolphin bay top

Hi please can you help me, in this pattern there are lots of YO,
However there are a couple of ways to do this, I have started off doing
From a knit bring wool over the top of the right needle, but this
Doesn’t do the hole pattern, should I be doing yarn forward like a purl but then knit my next stitch
Thank you Denise

Welcome to KH. Basically with any yo you want to take the yarn over the needle, just wrap as if you were making a knit stitch, and then move it if needed to the front of the work for purling. At the top of the page there is a tab for Free Videos. You can hover your mouse over it and see different categories, one of which is increases. It will take you to the same place as the link I’m posting. Scroll down and on the right at the bottom of the picture of knitting you’ll find the yo videos, one for Continental and one for English style knitting. HTH and if you are still not clear on what to do be sure to ask.

Thank you very much for the very quick response, I can get on now.:blush::blush::knitting:

I am making the dolphin bay eyelet baby top found on raverly, and I am stuck on one section of the pattern, I just can’t seem to figure out what they want me to do.
It reads: Beg. at scalloped bottom edge of right back placket opening PU (pick up) 1 st, pass 1st st over 2nd st 4 times evenly in rows along righ back placket, with the last pu pass 1st over , 2nd st occurring on the RS in the first cast on st below a k st. with the last st rem on needle pick up 1 st in each cast on st along bottom inserting needle from RS to WS wyib in each of the next 3 sts, *PU 1 st in each of the next 9 p sts PU 1 st in each of the next 7 sts, rep from * 8 times, PU 1 st in each of the next 9 sts, PU 1 st in each of the next 4 k sts (161sts) Bind off Leaf Scallops and Sleeve openings (while holding upper bodice sts on needle which will be Kitchener stitched to lower bodice when finished) I have read this a thousand times and just can’t understand it. I would appreciate any help PLEASE. thank you

Not an easy baby top as the comments on Ravelry will attest.
It seems to me that you’re picking up and binding off sts at the same time in the 4 rows of the right placket.

Then “with the last stitch remaining on the needle” you’re going to put a finishing edge on the bottom of the yoke. You want to pick up the sts so that you end with the same number that you cast on (161sts for the smallest size) including the one stitch on the right needle that you ended the placket finishing with.

Thank you i’ll give it a go, it’s not easy at all
Regards Denise