Doll sweater...seems easy, right?

I just finished knitting the back of the sweater, and now there’s a large gap between the sleeve (that I haven’t knitted), and the back that I just finished. I’m looking at the picture: in the middle of the sweater, on the front, is a knitted orchid.
I’m saying this because, as I hesitantly bind-off the back until there’s one lonely stitch left on the needle, I glance at the pattern, which says…

[B]Bind off in knit. Attach Orchid yarn.[/B]

Okay, I did the binding-off, and now there’s one stitch left. …ATTACHING?

What does this mean? And how do I do it? [I]Where[/I] do I do it? :frowning: I would appreciate any help you’d care to give. :slight_smile:

Are you confused too? Picture!

Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

~Your Friendly Neighborhood Bug~

It just means begin using the Orchid, you don’t really ‘hook it on’ to anything. Take the yarn and leaving a tail, just do what it says next in the pattern.

Do I cut the yarn after I bind-off the last stitch? Finickey about cutting yarn I’ll have to use later in the project

You might leave it until you see if it’s going to come out the right size. I do, don’t like to cut until it’s about done in case I need to redo a portion.

Okay, so I put aside that yarn to work with the Orchid yarn? The pattern doesn’t say anything about casting on with the new yarn, it’s very confusing.
After I’m supposed to “attach” the Orchid yarn, it moves right along to the sleeve. I have no idea what to do.

To ‘attach’ or ‘join’ new yarn, just pick it up and begin working with it, you don’t have to knot it to anything, just leave a 4-6" tail. What are you supposed to do next?

It says:

[B]Bind off in knit. Attach Orchid yarn.

First Sleeve:
Row one: K 22; turn. Leave remaining sts on needle.
Rows 2-13: Work even in St st.[/B]

Translate? What does “work even” mean? And, um, I’m still working in my original yarn, not the Orchid. So what am I supposed to do between where I am now and what it says above in the pattern? Again, the attaching bit…

Work even means to knit or purl in the st pattern with no increases or decreases. Drop the original yarn, pick up the Orchid and knit 22 sts on the sleeves. Like I said before, you don’t literally have to ‘attach’ the yarn to anything, just leave a tail that you can weave in later and begin knitting with it. The sts may appear loose for a couple rows, but you can pull on the tail a little to tighten it and it won’t come out.

Is there a video I can watch with this? Because…I’m still really confused…

Wait, you’re telling me I have to use the Orchid yarn with the sleeves? The picture of the finished product has the same yarn for the sleeves and the back that I just knitted.

I’m just going by what it says in the pattern. Is ‘orchid’ the name of the yarn, not the color? If you don’t change color, then just use another end of the same yarn and begin knitting. Just. start. knitting. the. sleeve. stitches. That’s all, there’s no need for a video, you just knit them. Try it and you’ll see how it works, don’t be afraid to go on. You can always take it out if it doesn’t look right, it’s not unfixable if you make a mistake.

You’re going to think this is ridicuous, but…how do I get the yarn to the other side so I can knit the sleeve? :3 If you look at my picture again, you’ll see that there’s a rather large ridge there between the back and the sleeve…how do I get the yarn over there? xD I don’t think I’m supposed to join them, because then there will be a gaping hole in the middle of the piece, and the pattern says nothing about reclaiming the stitches down the side. Stuck. Sorry…

Break off the working yarn leaving about a 6" tail to weave in later. Start knitting with the new end of yarn on the sleeve sts, again leaving about a 6" tail. Don’t worry about the end of the new yarn or about loose initial sts. You can tighten them up later.

Use a new yarn end. If you don’t want to cut the first yarn just yet, use the other end from the skein.

Thank you both for your help :slight_smile: