Doll Poncho pattern help

Hey everyone. I just need to double-check that I’m reading this pattern correctly. We have:

CO 34 stitches
Knit in K1P1 ribbing 4 rows
Change to stockinette stitch. K9, place marker, K8, place marker, K8 place marker, K9.
Purl across.
Continue to work back and forth as follows:
RS: K1 inc1, K to marker inc 1, sl marker 3 times
WS: Purl across
Repeat until work measures approx 2 inches from start. End with a WS row.

I THINK that I’m supposed to work until it’s 2 inches from the very start of the piece, as in, the cast-on row. However, it might mean from the start of the stockinette section. In fact, it may even mean from the start of the increase rows. I would ordinarily assume it meant from the cast-on row, but it seems like I’d barely do any increases at all.

What do you all think? :smiley:

:thinking: Were I knitting it, I’d read it as 2" from the cast-on row. Does that seem a suitable size for the doll?

The thing is, it’s hard to tell if that’s a suitable size, beccause it’s mostly just the neck shaping part. But I agree, I think it’s from the cast-on row. Thanks!!

for a barbie? or an American girl doll? there’s a big difference… lol, for barbie, (or a blythe, 2 inches from the cast on is probably enough. for an 18 inch doll like the AG doll, I would say nope, not long enough. HTH