Doll clothes

I don’t have a little girl to knit for so I make doll clothes and I love it
knits up fast and there are such cute patterns

Those are so sweet. Congratulations on winning the ribbon for them, well deserved!

Awwwwww they are absolutely adorable!!! You are very talented. Someday if my grandbaby decides she likes dolls, I will try to make some clothes too.

Very cute, they look great!

Those came out really cute!

I don’t have young kids anymore either. I’ve made a lot of kids stuff for charity for that very reason. It’s a worthwhile cause and I enjoyed doing it, but you never get to see your work or any joy it might bring. :wink: Fortunately I have a couple friends having babies so I was able to make a few baby things for known babies! :lol:

They are adorable . :slight_smile:

Very cute and you do a fantastic job.

:happydance: Congrats on the ribbon, they are very cute!

Oh those are so cute.

Those clothes are so cute. Somebody will enjoy playing with those or will you put them up.

Very nice!! I haven’t made many doll things. I don’t know why not, it looks like a lot of fun. I like both sets, but particularly the red and white dress. It looks Swiss, like Heidi ought to have it on. Good work.

The name of the pattern for the red dress is Heidi.It’s from an old beehive pattern book.
I will probably donate the dolls and their clothes to charity,if I can find one that takes used dolls.I buy them at yard sales and clean them up…I just discovered loads of sites about restoring dolls and making the clothes must feed my inner child or something 'cos I love doing it LOL

How cute. Well done. I agree with you that it’s fun to make small items, they still require skill and different techniques, yet don’t have so much knitting.

I just LOVE the red set. Simply gorgeous and well worth the ribbon! You should be very proud of that set. I sent you a private message!

Those are adorable! Maybe you could raffel them off at a church auction or something? Super cute!

I love garage sales, what sites do you use to ‘restore’ the dolls? PM me if you’d like, or put 'em on here. tia.

These are a couple of sites I have used and each one has links to oyher great sites

I love those doll clothes! :heart: You did a wonderful job…

Thanks for the sites and you could try the children’s wing at your local hospital or a children’s hospital, I’ve heard they are always in need of toys.

Ahhh, so cute! I love doll clothes!!!

They are really cute. I think I have that old pattern book, so I must look for it. I am planning to make doll clothes for my dgd but at the moment she prefers her dolls naked.

I think that is just nosiness. Most children just want to strip the doll to see what is under the clothing, at least most I have ever met do.