Doing this is WHY she has patience

Yesterday at my niece’s birthday party, after the gifts had all been opened, someone at the party started talking about the sweater I had knit for my niece. Someone then looked at me and said “I just don’t see how you have the patience for all that, I never would.” I was going to start saying something, and my Mom jumped in and said “doing this is WHY she has patience. She has 3 kids, Knitting is her therapy.” I just nodded my head and added “it’s very relaxing and meditative.”

I think Mom deserves some knit lace for Christmas this year :smiley:

YES She does!

Sometimes they just know what to say :slight_smile:

an extra special piece of ‘relaxing’ knitting for your mum i think.

It is obvious that she is quite proud of you. Isn’t that neat?

I think a lot of ppl just “don’t have the patience” for anything these days! But that is a full fledged rant about todays 24/7 society that I just won’t get into right now…

Yes it is therapy…ppl like our disposable world…knitting doesn’t seem to fit into it…it confuses ppl!..and all the better for us! It makes us look like mini manufaturing GODS! smiles & winks

Smart Mom!! Mine is like that too~when my sister once mentioned it’d be less stress and work to buy my kids’ clothes ( I sew A LOT too), my Mom told her-she does it because she loves sewing (and knitting); not because she feels like she HAS too, It’s her fun-time. :slight_smile: smart Mom’s are great!

i agree with you on your mom deserving some lace :slight_smile:

Some don’t understand that those of us with kids knit and crochet as a way to unwind and relax… it’s VERY theraputic… I was crocheting while in labor with my second kidlet :slight_smile:

That’s one of the most common things I hear people say. I just smile at them and keep on knitting.

I’ve heard that line, too. Good for your mom! :thumbsup:

An understanding mother. My own never knitted nor crocheted in her life, but she loved sewing to the point she was truly a pro. She made all of my clothes, when she and my father could have very well afforded her to buy them, but it gave her great pride, as she told ‘her’ mother (we won’t go there - as all grandmothers are NOT created equal), she did it because she loved me.

I had a friend some years back who was about as tactful as a Mac truck without brakes, saying when I said something (probably grumbling) about my sewing. She said, well something like, “then don’t sew” Yeah, like don’t breathe. She was an avid gardener, I am not, asphalt jungle was my home growing up, but I would have never told her NOT to spend her time getting sun-burned, etc., griping about this, that and the other plant.

Anyway, I have found in this almost one-year back to knitting (oops, not sewing though) it is most relaxing and it is something ‘I’ do. I don’t do it to save money (Heavens, No) but to fulfill a need I have. It has helped me a great deal coping with some problems, which we all experience in our lives, and still go on. I sit in my corner of the kitchen, underneath the glass ceiling there and I am at peace. Hallelujah.

Thanks for reading, if you do, and Love to one and all of you. KH’ers are the best people on the earth.

Just plain Wanda, thanks, let’s leave out the ‘witch’ part - hate it. :muah:

I am probably or should say I use to be in my younger years, the most impatient person. I expected things to get done and done and right, no goofing off, no get to it later. I was raised by a task master and survived the military. Moving to Florida was hard. My friends told me only people who cant make it in the real USA move to Florida. They werent supportive at all and expected me to be back within the year. ( I would have been back within the year also if the move hadnt cost me so much and I could have afforded another move back) Anyway I was crazy here, everyone moved like they were shuffling their feet and it was too hot to actually put any effort into anything. The workers I encountered didnt give a rats patootie if they waited on you or not and how long it took if they were going to think about waiting on someone. I discovered knitting to be my sanity. I found it relaxing, distracting and the greatest thing to put my mind on thoughts and away from any other stresses. I love it and I feel naked without my needles. I knit everywhere as much as I can. I knit in front of the tv, at doctors waiting room, I knit at quilt guild meetings, I would knit at a red light if I didnt put my bag in the back seat on purpose to prevent me from doing that. I think everyone should be taught to knit , male and female, young and old, those who need it will take to it. Who knows it could save a life be relieving stress. I think heart attack patients should be taught to knit in therapy to help them become calmer. Ok hopping off my knitters soap box.

Gosh, I wish my mother would say something like that. She doesn’t understand why I knit, and constantly criticizes me for wasting my time. :roll:

Shandeh, what about having your mom go with you when you go to drop charity items off? Let her see the reactions.

That’s why I do a lot of the baby things. There’s a very good chance I can’t have more kids, but the thoughts of those little babies snuggled up in one of the afghans we do on the Oddball list or wearing one of the hats I make and donate to the hospital my boys were born at makes me smile. Giving knitted items as gift and seeing reactions usually makes me smile too (esp when they’re for kids)

Your mom DEFINITELY deserves it! She is obviously a very wise woman as well! That is so well put. I’m always wondering why I enjoy knitting so much, I don’t “DO” directions for anything else, “patient” is not an adjective anyone who knows me would use to describe me…I think your mom is definitely onto something there!!!:hug:

Tell you saw a shrink and they blamed her for your knitting.

Isn’t it interesting. . .I always think when someone says that to me it is a backward way of saying “I have a life so therefore I don’t knit.” Like they are so important and incredibly busy, and we aren’t because we knit. Maybe, people don’t put as much thought into the things they say as I do. However, I see from this thread I am not the only one who feels this way.:wink:

I think most people feel good when doing something creative whatever that might be. It seems to me most anything with a result could be considered creative. Gardening, knitting,sewing, cooking, home decor, all seem to have a huge scope for creativity. I do most of the things I do because it makes me feel good to enjoy the end product.
I consider people who denigrate others activities or hobbies as just jealous that they don’t feel they could do as well.

Ha! Good plan! :thumbsup:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:



My mom actually tried knitting at one time. I wish she were alive now to see that I finally learned. :frowning:

Off the topic, but… Last week at Knit Night a woman came into the LYS and in talking to her we found out that she was going to have back surgery and would be laid up for 6 weeks. Her surgeon recommended she take up knitting or crocheting as a way to pass the time so she was in there buying knitting supplies and signing up for a few lessons in preparation. I thought that was wonderful that her surgeon suggested that!

:heart: :pout: :heart: