Doing the happy dance

:happydance: My KnitPicks order shipped yesterday! What did I order?!?! I ordered Andean Silk Twist and Deep Woods Shimmer. But the most exciting thing I ordered was the Options circular needle set and 2 additional size 2 circs (to eventually do 2 socks on 2 circs).

What’s a little funny to me is that 2 days after I placed this order, I ordered a new computer from Dell. It arrived yesterday, and I’m not anywhere near as excited about THAT delivery as I am my KnitPicks delivery!!! (In fact, the computer is still IN THE BOX!) I can’t wait until my needles gets here!

Well, at least you have your priorities straight!! :lol:


:roflhard: I have to admit, as excited as I would be about trying out those new circs…I would probably be more excited about the computer (I tend to totally geek out over that stuff)

I used to, but I just did it in March. I work at home, and installing all my work programs and setting up a computer just the way I like it has gotten to be tedious! This computer is for my kids so they will leave MY computer alone. Other than not having to fight them anymore for the use of my own computer, there is no real benefit to ME when it comes to the new Dell! :wink:

I would geek out over both lol

ah ha…

I’d hate to have to share my computer. You’ll be in geek heaven once they have their own.

I’m called a geek cause I have to have all the knitting notions, new books, etc. I’m glad to see someone else nuts about knitting in that priority…lol I order lots of different knitting stuff from different places, thus multiple packages, and my mailman thought I was really wierd. (no comment) I would stop him everyday to question him if any of my packages were in his truck, lol Now he texts messages me the day he delivers one of my packages, lol.

He also never, ever leaves them at the office, (I live in an apartment complex) He hides them in a special place so I’ll be sure & have them when I get home…

He did tell his wife that if any strange text messages appear from me to feel free to read them, lol she understands though, lol His wife knits more than I do & totally understands!


:happydance: I’m joining the happy dance - My Knitpicks order just arrived =D Thanks so much to Ingrid for being a super enabler which has let me get my own set of Knitpicks Options!

As I was posting the last post in this thread reception let me know there was a package here for me. I’m so desperate to get out of the office, get home and get knitting =D

I’m gonna have to agree with Kemp on this one…I get knitty stuff all the time…but electronics…not so much :wink: Next…dslr, yeah baby!!!

CONGRATS on your knitpicks yummies :thumbsup: Fun, fun, fun…those needles are just too incredible for words :thumbsup: