Doing My Part to Continue the Stocking Hat Craze

My version complete with sequins (which, by the way, don’t get tangled in my hair–yay!):

Pretty hat! Yay for sequins!

LOVE these colors… quite an impressive job. Sequins send me up the wall… especially the really tiny ones, so good on ya for the patience (and dexterity!) required there!

Well, the sequins came on the yarn (self-striping), so at least I wasn’t having to add them in later (which never woulda happened).

How pretty. :thumbsup: The variety of stocking hats we’ve seen here is inspiring. Great color choice.

I think I’m going to have to make one. It seems to be necessary. :lol: And I just want to!

It is darling and I love the colors! You will be very stylish! :0)

It’s almost become a requirement! :roflhard: Or a rite of passage. We need an “I made a stocking hat” badge. Who started this anyhow? I don’t recall. That person needs an “I started the stocking hat craze” badge.

:roflhard: Brilliant! Unfortunately, as I sit here playing on my iPad yet again, I have many projects I want to finish first! Plus, I need to make a few baby items for gifts!

I think I’d enjoy a chance to make baby gifts but I don’t know anyone with or having babies these days. Have fun with your projects and if you don’t get a stocking hat made we’ll still :heart: you!

Aww, thanks! :hug: I will make one, just not right away.

If I’m not mistaken, the stocking hats started with this thread:

They are fun to make; however, I didn’t do all the rounds between decreases per the pattern. I just picked a number and stuck with it throughout. I had [I]just enough[/I] yarn, too, so I guess you could say it was a stash buster project.

Very well done and I love the sequence of colors. Have fun wearing it!

Oooooooooo I just love love love this hat! I’m all about this type of colorway!

Thanks! I can only take credit for picking out the yarn, not combining the colors. I got it at Hobby Lobby (it’s this one), but it’s not very tightly woven, so although soft, it probably won’t last long. However, until it fuzzes up beyond what I can stand, I will enjoy wearing it.

I love the watercolor-y effects of this yarn. The colors wash gently into each other. No harsh striping. No gloppy pools.

Your choice of color was so feminine and gentle. Love love!