Doing cables

I guess it’s a matter of personal preference. I love the short straight wooden cable needles artlady has pictured. They grip the yarn and are compact anc easy to handle. I have the metal ones; both J and notched, and it seems that the yarn slides off those more easily.

I will certainly try the Harmony ones. The idea of wearing them is GREAT in case they don’t work for me!!

Hey guys! I have just started doing cables, but I don’t use a cable needle at all! I get out one of my circular needles and use that. That way it I can slip the stitches to the middle of the cable and knit my next stitches and when I am ready to knit them off the cable needle, I just slip them to the other end. I haven’t had any trouble with them falling out or anything and I already had the circulars in my bag. I don’t think it even matters what size circ you use, as long as it is smaller than the needles you are knitting with.

Good luck!!

Well crud. I just ordered them!!!

That doesn’t mean you’ll have the same problems. Give them a try and see how they work for you.

Thank you all for you opinions. Last night I tried the larger DPN and it worked better than my cable needle that’s for sure. ARtlady, I have one of those J hooks that I have never tried, I think someone gave it to me…I will try that tonight and see which one works best for me.

That’s a great idea! And…if you absolutely MUST put your work down during cabling there’s no chance of losing those stitches!!! I’m definitely going to do that!

Cable needles?? We don’t need no stinkin’ cable needles! :wink:

I learned how to cable without a cable needle and have never looked back. A lot of people are frightened by the aspect of leaving stitches hanging for a brief second while they are re-arranged but I have not lost a stitch yet and I do a lot of cabling. I find I can zip right through a cabled project much faster without. Just something to think about :slight_smile: