Doing cables

Does anyone besides myself have trouble with the stitches slipping off your cable needle? I only have trouble when I have to hold the stitches to the back of my work, but I have a heck of a time. I use a regular cable needle, is there some better way?

I use a DPN is a slightly larger size. Works great!

Yes, I think sometimes the diameter of the cable needle is too small and that lets the stitches fall off too easily. You could try a bigger one, or like Knitnite said a DPN of a nice size, preferable not a real slick one.

I have J-shaped cable needles (hooks?) I tried to find them online to show you, but no… The J shape makes the needle less likely to slide out, in fact, I found it nearly impossible to lose a stitch.

I don’t like the shaped cable needles that Trish mentioned, but I do use a DPN or cable needle a size or two larger.

I’ve tried 'em all…believe me…ALL…and I always come back to the good ole U shape cable needle.

In metal…not plastic. I keep as many on hand as possible.
They’re not easy to find. When my knitting buddy finds one, she picks it up for me! :teehee:






[B]YESSSSSS on the PINK & PURPLE[/B]/no to the BLUE!

You pull the stitches off [B]with the short end[/B]…and knit them back onto the knitting needle[B] from the long end[/B]. You can manipulate the tightest and most impossible cable with this cable needle. It never falls out, it never falls off. It dangles in front or behind til you pick it up to knit the stitches off! It’s fast! No stuggling with tiggggghhhhht stitches. This little sucker can worm its way into any impossible situation! :wink:

I prefer the U-shaped needles myself. I always put the stitches on the short side, then let it hang. This way I know I can pick up and knit with the long end of the needle.

:thumbsup: You ‘n’ me, Arielluria!! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the great review of the cable needles! I have the KnitPicks cable needles. They work, but they tend to slide out of the stitches. There are shallow grooves in the needles, but it doesn’t seem to really hold the stitches, IMO. Having said that, I’m a fairly new knitter, and I’m very new to cables, so maybe it’s the knitter and not the needles! LOL Anyway, I think I’ll look for the shape that ArtLady recommended. Thanks for the info!

I had the same trouble with the KnitPicks cable needles.
And when they weren’t falling out…the grooves stall the knitting. They grab the stitches and say, “are you sure you want to go? please stay! no, I insist!” :roflhard:

They were the WORST of the lot. Pretty to look at, but useless & inefficient in fact! :pout:

i’m using a Brittany birchwood dpn in a couple sizes larger than the other needles in the project. also have a curved cable needle made from a piece that came from a wicker hassock, about a size 8 or 9. do find it easier to use larger size to hold the waiting stitches.linknit41

I love the J-shaped cable needles too. I slip the stitches on the short end and knit off the long end. Joann sells a 3 cable needle set that includes one:

I’m SOOOO sad to read that the KP Harmony cable needles aren’t good!! I just ordered them today. Should have known to check them out here first. Another lesson learned!!

Well, this might be encouraging for you: I knit cables with mainly wools…tweeds and Malabrigo…mostly worsted and dk weights.

Maybe the Harmony cable needles perform better with laceweight yarns, for real lace cabling, and such!

I don’t knit with laceweight yarns, nor do I knit lacey shawls and so forth. Wish I did, but I don’t.

When I bought them, I knew my favorite shaped is the U…BUT the Harmony’s were so pretty…had to try 'em out.
Sadly, I didn’t use them beyond one row. I could tell they weren’t cooperative with my yarn and my cables.

They might work for you just fine ‘n’ dandy! :thumbsup:

Oh, I [U]have used them[/U] since in lieu of a shawl pin, to keep a buttonless sweater closed! They are certainly beautiful enough TO WEAR!! And with all their rainbow swirl of colors, they go with anything!

Oh, I [U]have used them[/U] since in lieu of a shawl pin, to keep a buttonless sweater closed! They are certainly beautiful enough TO WEAR!! And with all their rainbow swirl of colors, they go with anything!

Ooooh, what a good idea. I’ve been wanting to figure out something for shawl pins that aren’t really heavy…

I use a normal lenght dpn of the same size as the needles I’m knitting with. If the stitches try to slip, I turn the dpn about 45 degrees and push the bottom end through the knitted fabric. I find this much faster than working with a curved needle. I’m not sure this would work with English, I knit continental (in fact Norwegian way as I learned from this site).

Good point, Valpuri! :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing that tidbit! Helpful!

Don’t give up on them just yet - I rather like them. and these, too: I do rather like the idea of using them as a shawl pin, too!

and I don’t like the J or U shaped ones at all.

What I really prefer is cabling w/out a needle at all. I can’t do it with sock-weight yarn, but anything bigger it’s so much easier. Google it - there are several methods.

Nice review of the cable needles! I’m going to have to find some U-shaped ones. I’ve never seen them.

Well crud. I just ordered them!!!