Doing a swatch

everytime I do a swatch my tension is smaller than it should be, but the object I am knitting turns out to be bigger than it should be! Does this happen with anyone else? What’s the deal? The first time when my swatch was too little I thought "good, because I want this sweater to be a little smaller than the dimensions say it will be, but the sweater ended up being big! This happens every time, am I backwards or what???


Its pretty normal… we tend to rush through a swatch, and slow down to knit… and this change in tempo changes the gauge.

You can knit a sleeve (or both sleeves as a swatch… a slightly too loose sleeve can be alterered by leaving out an increase or two… a slightly tight one, buy adding…

a sleeve lets you start knitting and lets you use your knitting as a swatch!

you can also slow down and relax and enjoy knitting your swatch… to value it, (and not rush through it!) it will likely be closer to your normal knitting then!

I’ve heard that you should do a swatch after you’ve been knitting a bit so your tension is easy and loosened up.

As already suggested, I have found that starting with a sleeve is a great way to “swatch”. Sleeve size is usually more “forgiving”. It has backfired occasionally but usually I check my guage 4-6 inches into the sleeve and go from there.