Doing a lace pattern to obtain gauge

it says 16 sts and 20 rounds=4 in ladder lace pattern on larger needles…

does this mean i need to do 20 rounds to obtain the correct gauge?

It means if you cast on 16 stitches and knit them in the lace pattern for 20 rounds, you will have a 4 inch swatch. Hope this helps!

It does, do I have to knit it in the round or can i just knit it?

You knit it flat, with the needles you are going to use for the project (even if those are circulars). Good luck! And measure it off the needles, because you won’t get an accurate measurement otherwise. You actually need to wash and dry it the way you will your finished piece to really get a reliable swatch, but to be honest I only do that with really expensive or unpredictable yarns. :teehee:

ok thanks!

And you should actually make it an inch or so wider, the edge stitches are sometimes not the same as middle stitches. So cast on about 22 stitches and make the 3 edge stitches on each side garter stitch and measure the 14 stitches between them. You may not have to do 20 rows, do about 12 or 15 and measure a couple inches worth. The row gauge isn’t as crucial as getting the stitch gauge right.