Doing a Corner with Attached Icord

I am knitting an attached icord onto a hat with earflaps and am stuck at the corner instructions. The entire pattern can be found here:

Here are the instructions specific to the icord with the highlighted part being where I’m stuck:

[B]To bend I-cord around the ear flap tip: *On dpn k 2, sl 1, [COLOR=Blue]knit into the same stitch off circular needle from the previous rep[/COLOR], psso. Repeat from * four times, knitting into the same stitch at the tip of the ear flap, four times.[/B]

I understand the concept of what I’m supposed to do, but I don’t understand what stitch I’m supposed to use from the previous rep. :??

Looking forward to some clarification on this please and thank you.

That part you wrote in blue is unclear, but from what it says here: “knitting into the same stitch at the tip of the ear flap, four times” that you would do the i-cord edge to the very tip end stitch of the earflap and work the i-cord thing 4 times into that tip stitch. I don’t get the previous rep part.

What you are doing here reminds me of going around corners in crochet, you work extra stitches into the corner. They say 4. That may be needed, but I’d watch how it goes and if 3 seems to do the trick I would do 3 instead.

I went to my lys and the instructions were confusing there too. What you said is what we ended up doing.

(I’m almost done and will be able to post pictures soon). :slight_smile:

I’m glad you figured it out. We’re anxious to see the pictures of your hat.

All I have to do is:

  1. find my case that holds my darning needles
  2. seam the ends of the icord together
  3. attach the braid to the other earflap.

Parts 1 and 2 are my biggest blockades right now.