Doily pattern help


I wanted to do this doily, but

On round 31:
31st rnd: Make ch-6 loops across to within loop directly above last sc of point, * ch 6, 9 dc in next loop; ch 6, sc in next loop. Make 7 more ch-6 loops. Repeat from * around (1 group of 9 dc directly above each point).

What are ch-6 loops? And what is that “point”?

After round 37, it says “join” at the end. Is this a slip stitch?

:waah: Please anyone help me…

Hi. Hopefully I can be of help. The Ch 6 loops are done in between the swirl “petals” and all around after you’ve finished the swirl in the center. The part that is just Ch 6 loops is rows 26-30. Row 31 is where you have those “dots” over the points of the swirl and those dots are the Ch 9 segments. On Row 37 you’ll just join with a slip stitch and continue on with row 38.
This is a very pretty pattern!

[COLOR="#300090"]Did you get the help you needed from toomuch?

How did the doily turn out?[/COLOR]

That pattern is lovely. I would love to see a picture of your finished project!


Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn, and couldn’t get that yarn again, so for the moment, it’s unfinished…