Doily: dpns out of control, help!

I’m trying my hand at those little thread doilies of yore, you know the ones where you start with 4 sts on 4dpns and knit outward in lace pattern. Unfortunately, I can’t keep the dpns in order. The needles go all over the place, and I can’t tell which order I’m supposed to knit them. Does anyone have any suggestions/tips for keeping things straight?

Patience? lol :shrug:

For me, the most awkward times for using DPNS are 1. the cast-on and first row, and 2. when you only have a small amount of stitches on each DPN.

It just seems to me like it would be a little awkward to work no matter what I would do… maybe once you’ve worked a couple rows and some increases it’ll get more stable?

Good luck :smiley:

Working with dpn’s and laceweight is going to be awkward for the first few rounds, but don’t worry!

I found out a trick for working on dpns and just a few stitches while starting a much larger piece. Cast on and put your stitches on just 2 needles. Use a third to do the knitting with for the first few rounds until you get a decent amount of stitches, then rearrange them over the 3 needles and begin using the 4th. It’s much easier to manage that way.

Thanks all!

I will keep trying it, this time on fewer needles to start. I would say “I’ll frog and start again”, but I don’t know if you can call it a proper frog when you’re only ripping out 16 sts.

Aaaaaah, that’s just starting over… :wink: Of course it could be starting over if you’ve got 16" done!

Also be sure to mark the begining of the round and, if you’re totally brain-dead, like me, mark the right side of your work. I have, a time or two, picked it up and started working upsidedown and not noticed for a few rounds.

You might like ML or 2 circs (good for later when you will be needing a circ anyway!)

Just remember that the dpn stage will be over soon enough, and then you can switch to a 16" circular.