:evil: SO, while I was “pondering” my decrease question, and checking the forum, I had my cloche hat felting, which I FINALLY finished this morning, after starting it 2 months ago. I went to check the washer, I pulled out the hat, and NOW THE DARN THING IS TOO SHORT!!! It looks like a beanie with a brim… I just need a little propeller for the top. That’s what I get for not paying attention!! :evil: I tried stretching it and only succeeded in smacking myself in the forehead :roll: So now what do I do with a too short felted hat?

On a happier note, the booga bag I was felting at the same time turned out beautifully. However, a booga bag won’t keep my head warm :cry:

know any cute kids? that’s always my backup plan with felting projects… lol!

Not like I know anything but…

Maybe you could add a fur trim? Kind of like on YarnMommy’s baby poncho? I guess this might be difficult since it’s felted already, but maybe it will work?

Amy…any ideas from the land of knittery-smarts?

you could knit a strip to fit the hat as fringe, or an extension…and then sew it to the felted part like you meant it all along. :slight_smile:

oo ooo Fur Trim! good idea!

especially since that means I get to go buy more yarn!!!

thanks ladies! :mrgreen:

Great idea for the fur trim! Can’t get any smarter than that! :wink: