Doh! Moment

Yesterday, I was waiting for dh to pick me up from work. We have one car (trying to cut down on our carbon footprint) and I have to wait a few minutes for him every day (I get off of work at noon).

He was 20 minutes late! I tried to be patient, but it was Valentine’s day, we had plans, I needed to get home…I couldn’t believe he was so late.

Finally, I texted him on the cell phone, “Did u 4get abt me 2day?”

He replied, “Hon, u drove urself 2 work 2day.”

I forgot! He had a lunch meeting, so I dropped dh and dd off and then went to work, and I was supposed to leave early to pick up dd from preschool!:aww:

Hey…these moments keep me humble!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: omg! that is funny!


That’s really cute!
I did the same thing one time but opposite. My dh dropped me off at work and at the end of the day I went on a search for my keys all over the office. I had colleges helping everything. Then dh arrives, and asks what you all doing. Someone said, looking for Darcia’s car keys. He came in holding them up, saying ‘found them’. I turned RED. I don’t know why it never occurred to me I didn’t drive that day maybe because normally I used to drop him off first as he started early. Also I was pregnant at the time so my brain was all mush.


That IS funny!

I had a friend who drove to the mall instead of taking the bus as usual because she wanted to buy a comforter. She didn’t find one she liked, and took the bus home, completely forgetting about the car. They got as far as reporting the car stolen the next day before she remembered. :teehee:

That’s hilarious! :roflhard:


Oops! :teehee:

:rofl: :rofl: I could see myself doing this lol…

:roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard: LOL very funny but also very cute story that you will never forget :hug:

Love all the stories:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

Reminds me of a time that I called my DBF to ask him if I left my cell phone at his house (…using the very phone I thought I was missing). :teehee:

…Or when I was searching my whole apartment for my glasses. I asked my DBF if he’d seen them anywhere. He replied, “Yes. You’re wearing them.” :whoosh:

I’ve got book smarts, but my brain enjoys taking LONG naps when I get home from class!

I like tearing the house apart to search for a missing DPN only to realize much much later that it’s being used to hold my hair back…

Ever look in the fridge for your keys???

and found them there?:oo:


Daughter was new Mom, and bringing in baby & other stuff while talking to me on cell. She got into the apartment, put the baby down, and was sitting down the other stuff. Then she said to me… Mom… will you talk to the baby while I go out and and get the cell?
She almost put the phone down before I could stop her… I had to yell 2 or 3 times. She finally said what? I want to get back… I said, Hun, you’re talking on the cell.
It was quite for a minute, then she said… uh… I said chalk it up to being a Mom… stuff happens…

:roflhard: These are so funny! thanks for the laugh. Wanna hear something I did? It’s kinda long…

I don’t remember how long ago it was, but it was shortly after I married. I was awakened by the sound of cats fighting. I bolted out of bed to find that one of the stray cats was in the house, fighting with one of my indoor cats, Abby. When he (the stray cat) realized I was up, he ran out the back door, which was standing wide open, and Merlin, one of my other indoor only cats was outside. I ran outside to get him, closing the door behind me so no other cats could get out (or in). When I reached to open the door, it was locked. Great!

So, I’m standing outside, in the cool morning, wearing only a t-shirt and undies, holding an angry, squirming cat. I’m horrified, until I remembered that I keep pet taxis stuffed with blankets outside during this time of the year for the strays who want to seek a little shelter. I pulled the blanket out of one, and put it around me, then stuffed Merlin into the pet taxi so he couldn’t run off. Then I had to muster up enough courage to go to my neighbor’s house and borrow the phone. How embarrasing. Hey, but DH got a laugh out of it. In fact, he thought it was so funny he shared the story on the air the next day (He works for a local radio station.) To this day, I still have people ask me how my cats are doing. :rofl:

:passedout: That is just too funny!

Okay, here’s one for you. I had just gotten married and moved down here to KC. I was getting the oil changed on my car. While I was waiting, the guy came in and yelled out, “Ms. H.” I looked up and was kind of shocked to hear my “fiance’s” last name. I knew he didn’t have any other relatives down here. I was looking at all the other people to see who would get up that shared a name with Jon. He called it again. Then it hit me. It was ME! Duh! I was using my new married name.