DOH! Log cabin

So I been playing with some lambs pride bulky I have in my stash and I though OOoooOOO log cabin afghan so I CO a few stitches and ended up with…this

Looks like you were a bit over enthusiastic with picking up stitches. You pick up one per ridge where you’re picking up along the perpendicular rows. Don’t ask me how I know. :teehee:

It seems that the spring is bringing log cabin fever… I’m finishing up a log cabin baby blanket. I’ll post a pic over the weekend.

As Ingrid mentioned, you need to be fairly exact in picing up your stitches, one per rib and one per stitch. Mine has come out surprisingly square.

The one issue I have had is ALL THOSE ENDS to weave in. It is making me crazy and no matter how carefully you weave each time you have a color change there are 4 ends (two at the start and two at the stop). My front looks very nice but I am not pleased with the back side.

With the lambspride bulky you can do a felted join and avoid that, but I am using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and it doesn’t felt.

Well, despite the extra stitches picked up, I really like the colors and yarn you’ve chosen! It’s going to be beautiful-so cozy and snuggly looking!

My Mom’s making me one and I can’t wait to get it! It’s looking really pretty, and she’s using old stashed LB Homespun for it. It’s turning out surprisingly well, seeing as all the colors were purchased at different times and not meant to go together.

Good luck with yours!

Ingrid may be correct, but I’m also seeing some vignetting at the corners, which makes me think lens distortion – so maybe the knitting is actually flatter than it appears.

Either way, that’s a great start and some very cool color choices. Log cabins can be addicting!

Yeah i guess I picked up too many stitches but I can never tell with garther, I mean what does a sideways garter stitch supposed to look like? And even if you follow the Mason Dixon log cabin pattern (which I didn’t, I kinda made it up off of thiers) they say to knit something like 20 rows and then pick up 29 rows so that’s asking you to pick up more stitches than possible.:??

Actually I took the photo on top of one of those excercise balls :teehee:

Hmmm, generally you knit something like 30 rows, then pick up 15 sts, or half the number of rows you knit. Did the pattern maybe say to knit 20 [B]ridges[/B]… that’s 40 rows.

Oh . . . okay, I can see it now. It’s like an optical illusion! :eyes:

Mason Dixon actually has some info on their blog page. It’s about half way down.

OK so she says knit 29 rows and pick up 29 garter ridges but I never seem to have the same amount of ridges as I have rows. I just can’t “see” each row. maybe I should put a stitch marker at the end of each row and pick those up :teehee:

Nope, she said [B]"[COLOR=Black]I cast on 20 stitches and knit 29 garter ridges[/COLOR]"[/B] A garter ridge is two rows. So she knit 58 rows, and picked up a st in each ridge.

ooooooooOOOOOOOOOoooooooo that’s very different!!! Thanks!:muah:

Garter stitch is about the only stitch where the stitch gauge is about the same as row gauge. So you pick up half as many stitches as the number of rows you did.

OK now I got it

Yup, you got it!:happydance:

There ya go!!

:woot: Good job Feministmama! My first attempt at log cabining was a disaster too. Glad I am not the only one!!:teehee:

I think using bulky wool is not a good idea. It was a good experiemnet though.:thumbsup: From now I’ll stick to worsted for Log Cabin

You could certainly use bulky yarn, just use much larger needles, like a size 11 or 13.