Doggie Worries

So, I’m not sure what to do. We had buffalo wings for dinner last night, and I just discovered that the carton, including bones and hot sauce, was inadvertantly thrown in the trash bag on the kitchen floor instead of safely in the trash can, and that my dog, Rhett, has devoured at least 6 chicken wing bones plus a good bit of the hot wing sauce. I’ve alway been told that you should never give a dog chicken bones, so I’m a little worried. He’s part German Shepherd and part yellow lab, so he’s a big dog with big jaws and teeth. This happened after he had eaten dinner, and I gave him a little milk to try to counteract the hot sauce. He seems okay, but I can tell he’s not really feeling well. It’s Saturday night, so all the vets are closed, plus we’re in the middle of an ice storm.

So, without rambling anymore, I guess my question is, has anybody ever had this happen before? Is there something I should do, or do I just keep an eye on him. He’s my buddy, so I need to make sure I do whatever I can for him. If anybody has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Btw, Rhett is the dog on the right in my profile picture. :wink:


He will probably be okay by tomorrow, but I would stay up with him tonight. Here’s a story to illustrate…

Quite a few years ago, my bil had a dog who ate my bil’s leftover wings while bil was sleeping. BIL woke up in the middle of the night to find Boo (name of the dog) hovering over him with his tail in bil’s face. BIL, startled to death, jumped out of bed and turned on the light.

What did he discover?

Very sick doggie “stuff” everywhere. BIL’s face was the next target. He woke up in the nick of time.

Boo didn’t throw up…the mess came from the other end. You can only imagine.

I’m sure your dog will be okay. Boo had eaten quite a bit more than your dog. And he lived quite a few years after that episode.

I would try offering your dog water to flush his sytem. Hot sauce makes you very thirsty, and, as you know, it does quite a number on the ole tummy. Keep him hydrated.

I’ll pray that he’s okay.


Just did a quick google search.

Take a look at this page. I found it reassuring, and I think you will too.

Oh, and I just remembered…

My dh’s grandfather kept hunting dogs (lab mixes), and they fed those dogs everything. They had a scrap bucket under the sink (they lived in the country), and they threw all of their food scraps in there. They fed the scraps to the dogs every day. Those were the best hunting dogs in the county. They lived many years.


I’m not a vet, but here’s what I think. You should probably check on him from time to time, but I don’t think you need to worry too much. I would think the hot sauce could cause diarrhea/vomitting, but it would probably only be uncomfortable for him for a few hours. As for chicken bones, I did hear it can cause intestinal injuries, but a lot of dogs eat chicken bones without any problem. It’s probably not recommended, but it doesn’t mean it’s an automatic serious health problem.

Dogs can eat all kinds of weird stuff they shouldn’t be eating and yet manage to “process” everything fairly efficiently. :teehee: Accidents like that happen, don’t feel too guilty! :hug:

This happened to me this past week! Not to the extent that your dog ate (at least I don’t think so) my Bailey climbed the stairs outside to the idiot above us and I was inside since it was so cold and went to check on her and found her eating the chicken bones! I freaked and ripped out what was left in her mouth and called my vet and she said to increase her fiber for a day or so so she could poop it out easier. She suggested Metamucil or something like that.

I’m sure he’ll be okay. My vet said she may have blood in her stools and that would be fine just not a lot of blood and she shouldn’t vomit (which she didn’t, thank god).

My stupid neighbor always leaves chicken bones lying around, I hate her more than you know. If you’re still nervous, can you call your emergency vet for some help without going in??

This probably to late for you for you to do now but for future references
anytime a dog eats something and you know about it right away you can give them peroxide to make them throw up.
[U][B]Zoey [/B][/U]my lab mix ate a WHOLE pumpkin pie once and the vet told me to give her peroxide to make her throw up
I took a turkey baster and filled it up with peroixde
and stuck in the back of her mouth and squeezed the bulb on the turkey baster and she threw up in about 10 minutes.I
have used this MANY times on dogs and it works like a charm.Even on plastic grocery bags that a friends dog ate.Just be don’t be surprised if they foam at the mouth a bit from the peroxide.You could still try this if you want.I would just to get rid of the bones she ate.Hot sauce might not be to good coming up(yuck)

I wouldn’t think you’d want them to barf after eating chicken bones though. Might be kind of rough. My bigger dogs (a sheltie and a yellow lab/husky mix)eat chicken and turkey bones all the time. My little one only gets the wing tips. They are all still alive and kicking!

I had a dog barf up a deer leg once and one ate a bird and did the peroide trick.All came up just fine both times.Jeeze you would think I never feed my dogs.But I do honestly!!!

I totally agree with this!! You don’t want the bones to come up the wrong way and get stuck. Goodness, you never know what could happen. :shock:

Thanks for all the advice. He seems to be okay today. I’ve been monitoring what comes out of him :teehee: and I haven’t seen any blood so far. He’s eaten pretty well today, and I’ve overfed him a little. I gave him softer foods for dinner along with some rice, and he had rice this morning. He does seem a little under the weather, though, so I think I’m going to call my vet in the morning just to be safe. My other dogs have seemed a little off today, too, so who knows what they all got into last night. You’d think they never got anything to eat. lol.

NO, NO, NO! Sorry to be dramatic, but this advise can be extremely harmful in certain situations. Just like with children, it depends on what has been ingested as to whether or not vomiting should be induced.

In the case of chicken bones, the danger comes from the fact that the bones become very brittle after cooking. So when the dog chews them up, they splinter and can damage the GI tract. Inducing vomiting can cause much more damage.

I agree with the above. Never make a dog vomit unless the Vet tells you too.

Many dogs can eat bones without incident but for some they can be deadly.
ANYTIME, your dog eats something that is potentially sharp; splintered bones, plastic and now is the season for Christmas ornaments, razor blades ( on my dog forum a dog recently ate a disposable razor) the best thing you can do til you can seek veterinary care is to feed the [B]dog olive oil soaked cotton balls.[/B] The olive oil makes them palatable and helps them to pass through the system. The cotton helps cushion the sharp ends.
This suggestion comes directly from Cornell Vet College.

I would watch your dogs BM’s for the next few days and make sure they are “normal”. If it were my dog I’d be on the phone with the Vet today to see what they suggest.