Doggie sweater

I have been looking but I still can’t find what I want. I need a sweater pattern for a very cute, very tiny, precious little guy named rocky. He is a mini dauchsand (sp), 4 months old and about 4 pounds. I finally met him the other day and every pattern I have come across looks like he would swim in it. Any ideas? Has anyone sized down a doggie sweater and could talk me thru it?

I have found some websites which have adjustable doggie sweater patterns. I hope these will be helpful to you:

Good luck!

I recently finished a custom sweater for a mini weiner dog and I did it by measuring the dog a lot and trying on the sweater as I went.
This dog is full grown unlike your tiny pup but the body shape of these dogs is so weird. The chest is huge in proportion to the rest of the dog. They are sooo long, and those tiny legs! They are great!
I would definitely go with something adjustable. I will try to get a picture to post and then if you are interested I will give you some guidelines.

We just got a mini dachshund this winter, he’s about 5 months and 6 pounds. I decided to wait to make him a sweater as he’s going to get bigger and I want it to still fit. (we took one of the kids old sweatshirts, cut the arm off and cut holes in it to tide him over for now) I’m hoping to find a good pattern for him for next winter, sorry I’m not of more help.

There are qutie a few books you can purchase with very sweet doggie sweaters in them. The ones I have aren’t that expensive, but they have some very cute sweaters. I have a book called PuppyKnits which has tons of sweaters and even a hat! for your doggie. Since dogs do vary in size and shape, I highly recommend you try it on your dog frequently and make adjustments as needed. I alway use a life line to indicate the last place where it fit the dog perfectly, before I knit on to areas where I may need to make adjustments. That way I can easily frog back to the point where the sweater fit perfectly without any headaches. I also note the lifeline point on the pattern I’m using so I know exactly what I did last.

Not all dogs like or are comfortable in sweaters or outfits. One of my dogs is always hot and prefers to be out in the cold… if I put a sweater on him he just overheats…even if it is a very light cotton sweater. My other dog loves wearing his sweaters since he’s usually cold. So keep that in mind as you’re making clothes for your pet. Watch them to make sure they are comfortable, that the ‘arm holes’ aren’t interfering with their ability to walk or lay down.

I really want to make this Knitted Dog Sweater , but my husband has put his foot down and said he will NOT allow our boy dogs to wear this girlie sweater! lol

thanks for the advice! Rocky isn’t mine, he belongs to a friend (my dog is a moose of a black lab - he’s a heat machine). I live in Pittsburgh and while it’s warming up now, we had some frigid days that had me thinking about him.

Newbie, that sweater is precious! But like your hubby, Rocky’s ‘dad’ would flip if I showed up with that!

Rohanknitter, our friends put him in a tube sock with leg holes cut out when they brought him home and it was still a little loose!