Doggie sweater Pattern-reading volunteers needed!

Im writing a pattern for a fill-in-the-blank, knit-to-fit dog sweater that Im going to use to teach a class at my LYS. Ive attempted to make it adjustible to any yarn and any dog. :shock: My brain now hurts. :lol:

If anyone would like to help me out by reading the pattern and making constructive criticism, Id be FOREVER grateful! :heart:

PM me with your email address.

I’m not a very experienced knitter so I don’t think that I could help with the reading part. But I would love to have the pattern though. I would be willing to purchace it! :smiley: I have two SMALL dogs and it is impossible to find sweaters to fit them!

I wanted to thank all of my volunteers! Ive got 13 readers so far!! And, some AWESOME suggestions!

Thought you might wanna see a picture of it. :mrgreen:

Howie looks like something out of GQ! The serious, yet sexy stare. . . .

That looks lovely! My mom makes sweaters for our dogs as it’s hard to find stuff that fits.

If you sell that pattern, let us know please! I’d be interested!

Woooooof! Hee hee hee! :roflhard:

Kelly that pattern sounds really interesting. I have a Chocolate Lab at home I would LOVE to try to make a sweater for. Yeah, I know, like he really needs it, but it would be fun to try anyways! :rollseyes:

I’m really a beginer when it comes to knitting but I’d be willing to take a shot at it if you still need someone to take a stab at it. :smiley: