Doggie Knits BOOK

Hi, I just ordered the book Doggie Knits by Corrinne Neisser. Has anyone ever bought this book, any opinions on it, has anyone made a project out of this book? Doggie Knits Thanks!

laughs My doggy would kill me if I tried to put a sweater on her. She IS a sweater. I honestly could use all the fur she sheds each year on a sweater at least.

I hope you find some good projects for your pooch though. :3

Someone gave me the book “Posh Pooches” with knitting patterns for dogs. Maybe if I had a little lap dog I would knit just for the fun of it, but for my 60 lb boxer? No thank you.

It was fun looking through the patterns and some of them gave me ideas or humans!!

I haven’t seen that one. I just ordered Top Dog Knits- 12 Quick Knit Fashions for Your Big Best Friend by Jil Eaton because I have large dogs. My Boxer is 85 pounds and he is a weenie when it is cold. I haven’t started any of them yet, but it has a formula for ensuring good fit.