Dog Tubey: Have you seen it yet?!

This’ll make you smile! :smiley:

Here’s a link to pictures of a dog tubey. Some woman from the Tubey KAL made a Tubey for her little dog! :roflhard: It’s so cute yet funny at the same time! Lola (her dog) looks like she’s comfortable wearing it.

Oh my goodness, I feel worn out from shock and laughter.


:roflhard: thats really cool lol

What a picture!
What a cutie!

Howie neeeeeds a Tubey!!! :smiley:

Too cute!

OMG - that is soooo adorable!!! :heart: :heart:

That’s hilarious!

:roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: dh will be telling Shermee to ruuuuuunnnnnnnnnn for the hills… :roflhard:

Way too funny!

I like the colors she used on the dog Tubey better than her plain black one! LOL

:smiley: Toooo cute…Sally needs a pink one :wink:

Oh, that dog looks adorable. :heart: :mrgreen:

that little dog is actually smiling!

:roflhard: :sunglasses: