Dog Sweater

OK, I’m making my first attempt at a little dog sweater (camo yarn…very funky).

I bought this little “Trixie Peanut” kit for making dog sweaters, but the pattern has some odd things in it.

For example, there are stitches just called sl1 and m1 (slip one and make one). What is that? I know the various “make one back, make one right, etc.” but what’s just “make one”?)

And “slip one”? Do I just slip a loop over the needle and keep going?

Other than scarves and one baby sweater, this is the most industrious thing I’ve tried so far… bear with me!

Slip 1 is just moving a stitch over to the right tip without knitting it–slip it as if to purl, unless otherwise stated in the pattern.

A M1 is done in the strand between stitches–lift it from front to back with the left tip and knit into the back of it.

slip one is when you slip the next left needle stitch to the right needle without working it (usually purlwise - as if to purl) and M1 is when you increase by picking up a stitch in what I call the ladder wrung between the last st. worked on your right needle and the next st to be worked on your left needle: insert right needle under ladder wrung connecting the 2 sts., give it a twist while placing it onto the left needle and then work that stitch.

Thanks to both of you! But I might have to start over… :frowning: