Dog sweater

for my lab mix puppy, Daisy.

That is so cool…looks comfy. I have a Daisy too!:thumbsup:

How cute!

Daisy looks so cute and obviously loves her new coat x

Daisy looks like she’s posing on the runway :heart:! Looks warm and absolutely lovely!

Daisy is really “working” her new sweater. I’m sure it keeps her nice and toasty. A-1 job dancejunky.

Very Cute ! My baby girl is named Daisy too - she’s an SPCA boxer mix and her daddy won’t let me knit her a sweater :shrug: Well, I could but he’d never leave the house with her and I don’t like walking both dogs by myself so…

Yes, Daisy loves her sweater once it’s on (hates getting it on, though). Her coat is very short (about 1/4 inch long), so I made the sweater pretty thick, and I put it on her when the temperature drops to 20 degrees F.

VAknitter, it’s too bad you can’t knit a sweater for your Daisy. What about knitting a dog bed?

Love the long sleeves. Seems like it would do its job better with the long sleeves, but that is not something you see on most dog sweaters. Good idea.

That’s really cute! My dog has a Lands’ End Squall jacket and when I put it on her, she’s always trying to shake it off! I wonder what she’d do with a sweater!

I think the long sleeves do keep her skinny little legs warmer. It’s a bit harder to get her legs through them, which is why I’m glad they fit loosely. The pattern is from a nifty little book called Vogue Knitting Knits for Pets.

That is a really cute sweater… My Daisy, a golden retriever, won’t let us put anything on her. Then again, she’s kinda big to buy stuff for her at wal-mart. But, she’s also a puppy still, just a little over a year old. She’s so ucte, i wish we could put a sweater of that degree of cuteness on her.

A year old is quite young and generally trainable. My dogs will tolerate having sweaters on, but I have to pull the sweater over the head first, then reach into each sleeve and pull the paw through.


tis not so much that as she won’t sit still. WE’ve tried to teach her stay, but she won’t. lol.