Dog Sweater

Here’s a sweater I finished knitting for my dog:

And, a purse I was making. The yarn is crazy, but, I like the results.

It’s a [B]STING LIKE A BEE[/B] sweater! Cute!

Yeah but why is a rat modeling it? :out:

j/k very cute.

awww i love dog sweaters! very cute!

Cute dog and I love the sweater. I’ve always wanted to make my doggies some sweaters.

I love pug dogs! they’d look so cute in sweaters.
Or, a hat with lamb ears or bumble bee antenna.

If you see rats that big, and dressed as spiff-i-ly, it’s time to
move on.
I admit Peppy is smaller than the cats she terrorizes, but, she’s pretty mean for her size.
Remember when you were a kid, and someone had a little dog that would scare the heck out of you, and snap at ya?
that’s little Peppy.
See how mad she looks, having to wear her bumble bee sweater?


great sweater and the dog is a cutie

Where did you find the pattern for this dog sweater? A colleague at work was looking for one and I knew for some reason someone on here might be able to help find a pattern for a dog sweater.

Tx in advance.

Very sweet. Looks great on her :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: very cute!! Great job

What a sweet sweater! And the model is not so bad either :heart:

She looks adoreable! I love the yarn for the purse can’t wait to see it finished x


Can’t believe it hasn’t been said, but… she’s bee-utiful! Sorry, couldn’y resist! :wink:

YOUR DOG IS AWESOME!!! I want her!!! Loves the sweater!!:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Awwwwww! I love both of them. I have bigger dogs, and I think if I tried to put them in sweaters they’d give me one of their shifty looks and go hide under the table. Btw, my dog is also named Peppy, but really Pepe. It’s a good doggy name. :wink: