Dog sweater

I am looking for an EASY sweater pattern for my Chinese Crested dog (hairless and VERY cold in the winter!). Thanks!!!

You might be able to find something here:

On craftser someone posted a diagram/tutorial for a dog sweater at any size. Do a search in the completed projects forum (knitting forum) for “knitting_woolly.jpg”

I made one for my semi hairless cat. I think he looks adorable in it. He has other ideas.


You can check this one out:

I just knit this one up for my BIL dog, a very overweight ankle biter. :teehee: I used 2 strands of Jiffy, one whole ball and a partial of another. Turned out really cute and the dog actually LIKES it.

What I do is all the leftovers I have from projects I take and measure dogs back from where there leg touches its body across the back and measure how long the dog is from the collar to the tail and make a rectangle. then measure the inside of the dogs legs and how long you want the underside to be (different for boys and girls).Measure from dogs collar to front of leg to get where the leg holes should be seam up leaving about 2" or so depending on how big the legs are around go big. pick up sts. along the neck and legs or leave it. Its a real easy way to learn new things without having to jump strait into a big project. Its how I learned how to do cables and such just play around with it.

That should make sense but maybe it only makes sense to me lol thats possible.