Dog sweater

I have 64 sts on my needle. Pattern to make the chest piece says : bind off 6 sts, cut yarn, join A (new color) k5, place marker, k3,place marker, k5, slip remaining 45 sts on holder for back piece - 13 sts.
How do i bind off those first 6 sts and have only 13 sts remaining on the needle after i slip the remaining 45?

Hmm… can you tell us the name of the pattern and provide a link? Don’t post the pattern itsellf because that would violate copyright rules.

Yes, it’s always helpful to have a pattern link or even photo.
You have 64sts before you start the chest. Bind off 6, knit the next 13sts placing markers and then slip 45sts to a holder or waste yarn.

Its called holiday dog sweater

Yup, see response above.

Ok, my question is when i bind off 6 i still have one stitch from the original color (red)on my needle when i go to join in color A(grey) . How do i go about getting that last stitch off?

You could do one of two things that I can think of.
Just join in the new color for the next stitch. The single stitch in pink will hardly be noticeable on the edge.
Or you could take out that last bound off stitch and join the new color. Bind off the last stitch with the new color.

Your knitting looks very good!

Oh my goodness you’re wonderful!! I believe i have it now. Thank you sooo much!!