Dog sweater with snowflakes

I want to try to knit a sweater with snowflakes for my dog. The pattern is not solid all the way across the line, so I wanted to know how I would be able to switch yarn colors and make sure that it doesn’t come loose.

I know that if you switch yarns in a row or add a new ball of yarn you knit both yarns together but will the old color show if I’m trying to knit a pattern?

I"m a beginner knitter, so I just want something simple.

Does this look easy to do.

Hi Jade!
Wow that is a cute dog posing in that sweater! :inlove:
Personally, I think that sweater would be a little hard for a beginner but we all have different definitions of beginner.
I have done a dozen or so fair isle projects but they were all in the round.
I tried a test swatch for a fair isle sweater knitted flat and realized I couldn’t do it during the semester because I would need lots of spare time to practice knitting with the floats in front. It’s probably just a psychological thing.
I do recommend trying to do a mini version of the design repeat just to see if you get it. If I were doing this I would cast on at least sixteen stitches in my main color. That’s so I have enough for the fourteen stitch chart 1 plus an extra stitch on each side. I would knit for a few rows with the main color then attach the contrast color and try following the chart.
However, if you decide you aren’t ready, then you could always knit this in one color and then follow the chart on the finished piece with duplicate stitch.

I don’t think I’d classify that as easy for a beginner. It involves fair isle knitting, shaping and working with charts. It’s not impossible, but you’ll need to be patient with yourself as you learn.

How you join a new color depends on what you’re doing. For fair isle you don’t knit with them together, but you are using both yarns and carrying them along. I carry one color in each hand and knit both continental and English at the same time. Some people carry them both in one hand.

well I’m a quick learner, so I guess I like a little challenge :slight_smile: so far I’ve only made hats, scarves, and I tried a fingerless pair of gloves.

I looked at a video for fair isle knitting which doesn’t seem too difficult(hopefully)but I get the just of it. Thanks for letting me know about that I’ve never heard of that method before.

is it easier to knit in the round? I’m guessing if I do it flat I’d have to purl every other row so the floats are on the same side


Yes, fair isle is easier in the round although it can be done flat, but I’ve only done it in the round myself. This is the method I use and learned from.

Yes, when it’s done flat you do have to carry the other color back so it’s at the other end when you need to start the next row.

Because of the shaping and the way that the front or underside is longer than the back, it might be better to follow this pattern as written for back and forth knitting in rows. The pattern continues on the purl rows too, so you’ll have to keep peeking at the front, knit rows to make sure you’re placing the stitches correctly. (Fair Isle in the round avoids this because the knit rows are always facing you.)