Dog Sweater Pattern?

I’m looking for a pattern that’s not frilly or girly, comes in a large to 1x, with or without armholes, no sleeves, that is beginner-intermediate, no cables, no fair isle/intarsia, with a max needle size of 17. :shrug: I know I’m being very specific, but my neighbor asked me if I would knit a sweater for her dog she wasn’t as specific, but I know what would be best for her dog, due to size, etc. If anyone can find anything I’d appreciate it!:mrgreen:
BTW: The dog is big, she is a Jack Russel terrier(coat and face), Golden Retriever(tail), Pit bull mix (body shape and ears). She is so sweet!
Waiting for measurements still. once I get them it will be easier!

I haven’t made anything yet.

Try this for patterns.

I already tried there, thanks though! :mrgreen: :blooby:

how about this?

Thanks, but the measurements are too small and I’m afraid to experiment with more stitches, because i’m not sure what will happen. Plus, there is no picture, so how do I know what it looks like!

This is the EASIEST dog sweater EVER, I have made many many MANY of them for dogs from 5lbs to 90 lbs. You measure the neck and go from there. THe arm holes are created when you sew the two pieces together. I have NEVER seen an easier pattern.

What does it look like?

It’s cute! Thanks, I’ll put that pattern into consideration.

There are a bunch at lion

Your pattern is fantastic!! I’m especially crazy about the Siri version.
I, too, have newly acquired and pretty basic kitting skills so this should be the perfect pattern for me to learn with.
Thanks SO much for sharing.

Thanks, but I already tried Lion Brand.

Anymore patterns?

Still searching…

I just bought a dog sweater booklet by Leisure Arts it’s called Dog Gone Cute.

Sizes range from 10" to 30" patterns range from Basic Coat, to checks, Aran to Stripes.

some here. plain, a large range of sizes and 4 styles on each size page.

I should have added that that is the inches at the dogs chest, behind thier front legs.

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

Still looking for a few more patterns!

Not sure what you are looking for, you have been provided MANY different patterns. Hard to believe you can’t find something in the ones provided.

Is there something specific you are looking for?