Dog Sweater Pattern?

Does anyone know where I can find a [B]simple[/B] dog sweater pattern? I know it will be a while before I can actually knit one, but just wanted to start looking.

Is that a Boston Terrier as your avatar? If so, and that’s the dog you’ll be knitting for, then I would suggest this pattern.

I knit it up for my Boston and it fit her perfectly!

yes, I love my BT’s, that pattern is so cute!!! If u already haven’t check out!!!

Here is another one

I am addicted to dog sweaters
My favorite dog pattern book from barnes and noble is Posh Pooches
by Trixie + Peanut roughly $9 has a hooded sweatshirt, baseball jersey, dress, comes in a kit with special knitting needles. They have quite a collection of books at Barnes and Noble. I have 3 sweaters on needles until I can find help to where i got stuck
I also have started a three ring binder with patterns from the internet.
Best of Luck