Dog sweater pattern direction help needed

I am knitting the darling darby dog sweater and my directions read to 'work the back sts, place first set of leg sts on holder (14 for me), ast on the under leg sts (7 for me), work chest sts, place second set of leg sts on holder, cast on under leg sts, leaving markers in place."

I know this seems silly…but I am hung up on weather after I knit the chest stitches if I knit my 14 leg stitches then put on holder…or if I leave them unworked and put on holder. If I leave them unworked and put them on the holder, then my yarn has to stretch across the 14 unworked leg stitches to get to the point where I start casting on and that doesn’t seem right.

Work to the leg stitches then move the leg stitches to a holder and cast on stitches on the right needle where the working yarn is. Work to the next leg stitches, put them on a holder, cast on again, work whatever stitches are remaining. The stitches you cast on won’t leave a gap in the current row and there will be no yarn stretching across.

YEA!!! Thank you for answering! I seem to get hung up on the terminology in the directions…One more question…marker would be at end of cast on stitches, marking the chest stitches…corrrect?

What does your pattern say about the marker? Someone else may know where it should go. I can’t see the pattern, maybe you could post a line or two from it.

You know, I suspect it’ll be easier to work to the 14 leg sts. slip them to a holder and then cast on the under leg sts. If you do it that way, the working yarn is sitting at the end of the back sts, ready to cast on the under leg sts. (Otherwise the working yarn is sitting at the end of the worked leg sts on the holder and it’s a bit more awkward to cast on the new sts.)

ETA: Yes, leave the markers where they are, on either side of the chest sts. Think of it as replacing the leg sts with a new set of leg sts. Markers stay as is.

ok…finished. Hopefully I did it correct. Next says to continue working in the round until I reach my length…so I am taking that to skip knitting the stitches on the holder when I come to them? So I am going to have a square hole almost due to the casting on the 7? I have a large whole due to the 14 stitches then teather to the cast on, then another small whole at the 7 cast on stitches. not sure if I am suppose to have one big hole and that this will work?

Yes, skip the sts on the holder. Knit to the given measurement for your dog and then you’ll start decreasing the sts that you cast on for the underleg in the next step.

Excellent point, thank you. I had to read it a few times to understand and the the “bit more awkward” part jumped out at me.

I was just concerned beacause I don’t have one big hole but one for the 14 then it attaches then another small hole for the 7. thank you so much for helping!

You should have one big hole. It should have the 14 held sts on one side (this will become the upper side of the leg) and 7 newly cast on sts on the other side (this is the under leg).

ok…so something is still wrong…because I have two holes. GRR…

not sure what I am doing wrong then. If I knit the 14 and slide them off then cast on 7 the yarn teathers from the last 14th stitch to the first casted on stitch creating two holes.

ok…ripping out. it seems to leave the 14 leg stitches unworked and putting them on the holder then casting on 7 just leaves one big whole. Much work to get this right!

That’s it exactly! You’ll do the same thing for the other leg as well.