Dog sweater pattern, and knitting on narcotics

Hi I have not been on for a while. I had MAJOR Surgery on January 19th (2nd of 4 joint replacements.) And have found that knitting while taking Narcotic pain killers results in a great deal of Frogging! my baby blanket had all kinds of holes and the sides were VERY Wavey (Add 5 stitches here, drop 20 stitches there). So of course I spent most of the morning frogging it back to where I was before the surgery!
I DO NOT Recomend trying to knit while taking oxycontin and morphine every 4 hours for surgical pain and recovery. Think of this as your friendly public service announcement.
Now on to my knitting question. Where can I find a free pattern easy pattern for a sweater for a dachshound? I admit that I have not started looking yet. I will look on ravelry in a few minutes.

Here’s a pattern which relies on dog measurements. It may work out for you. I had trouble trying to knit a dog sweater for our Welsh Corgi. I couldn’t find any online. We have the same problem with the long hot dog body and the short legs. I realized that I had made this more complicated than it needed to be. Ignoring the stubby little legs, our dog is a medium size. I believe dachshunds are small size dogs. Look for a small size dog pattern. The only adjustment you might need to make is to knit it a little longer. The neck and chest shaping should be about right on these patterns. I knit my dog’s sweater in all rib to accommodate the deep barrel chest and give a flexible fit.

Good luck trying to keep it on him. lol I had to coax Ein (short for Einstein) out from under the bed with a dog treat to get the sweater on him. He hates the sweater and always wriggles out of it.

Your knitting on narcotics :clink: title made this thread a must read! I hope you’re doing OK and not needing the drugs anymore.

For something as easy as a dog sweater, it sure can be hard to get going with something that will work! For chihuahuas, I ended up knitting mitts with 2 thumb openings. Anyhow, maybe this link will help.

Yes, I’ll bet knitting on narcotics is an experience. Hope all is going well now. I found a page of patterns for dogs including a dachshund. It’s knitting pattern. Rav will certainly have more.

Seems frogging is a new word for me but nevertheless did a bit of that this morning lol, without the drugs!

Hope you’re feeling better real soon xxx

I just bought on Amazon this book and I love it. I already knit 2 sweaters.