Dog Sweater (medium-large)

I would love to make Lucy a sweater for the winter…preferably wool. But all the patterns I’ve found for her size are just incredibly hard!!! There must be an easy pattern somewhere. She’s a lab mix…about 50 lbs.

Anyone have some suggestions? Or any thoughts on how to design one? Wouldn’t want anything fancy…just very simple.

Did you look through these?

I found a bazillion patterns for little dogs… Pebbles and Howie should be all set for the winter!

WHERE, Glen??? I had SO much trouble finding pattens for a 6 pound pooch!

Give this site a try :wink:

WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too much math, there, Becca! :shock:

chicken :wink:


Im really NOT chicken…I just know my limitations! Ask Hildie and Ingrid how number-challenged I am! Its REALLY SAD!! :frowning:

Howie should be happy:

CUTE! Thanks, Joufy!

Here’s one for Howie:

Ooops…! I found all of my little doggie sweaters when I was first started (about 4 months ago). I didn’t save the web sites, I just printed out the patterns… :rollseyes: (now I save everythin)
I can mail you what I have though!
(Pebbles & I would do anything for Howie!)

Wouldn’t your printed patterns have the web site up in the corner? :thinking:

Ingrid… You are my idol… :heart: (If only I had 1/2 of your brain) :crying:

Here you go Kelly (thanks to Ingrid)!!
Three other ones that I have came from Creative Knitting January 2005…
ALSO, the manager of my LYS told me that he was going to order a bunch of “Designer” tiny dog “appareal” for my to look at…

Thanks SO much, Glen!!! :heart:

I’ll let you know when I see the “new” patterns from my LYS guy! The pics looked REALLY cute. Maybe Pebbles & Howie can have matching clothes… :happydance:

OOH! What about T’s that say “Im with Him” and “Im with Her”??? :roflhard:

Or make them punk-y looking and say He’s a dog and She’s my bitch!