Dog sweater knittng help

:?? i want to make the collar of a sweater longer so when it says to knit a rib for 2" but i want 4" and the body is to start after you did the 2" do i measure down from the last 2" and start the body.

2 it say’s to use elastic thread on the frist and last row of the collar i want to use it all thru the collar can i .

new to all of this thanks for any help
mary :wall:

I’m not an expert and I may be tooootally wrong here, but I guess it would depend on the length of the Dog - if you add 2" to the collar but don’t compensate for that in the body, then the overall thing would be 2" longer.

As for the elastic thread - No idea, sorry. I’m interested in the real answer though, so maybe someone else can help?? :hug: