Dog sweater continued HELP!

Ok, here’s the original post, and I’m getting ready to start this part of the pattern and I’m not sure I’m completely understanding. So please help me clarify a few things before I mess this up.

Row 1 is a bind off no big deal.

Row 2 reads P10, K3; with second yarn K3, P76, K3; with third yarn, purl across.

? Do I continue knitting with second yarn on the 76 or do I switch back to 1st yarn?

Row 3 Knit across; with second yarn, knit across; with third yarn, knit across.

? In this one row I knit across 2 times with first yarn, once with second and once with third? So it’s really 4 rows in one?

Also just to make sure in the original thread I linked to.

I do no join (tie in) the second or third yarns anywhere correct?

Sorry for being dumb, but I don’t want to mess this up.
Any help would be appreciated.

Also I’m reading the pattern book and it says ; means to stop.

So it would mean stop, but it doesn’t say pick up something else.

Each section uses it’s own yarn. You don’t want yarn stranding across.

So for row 2, you’d p10, k3 with one yarn, drop that and k3, p76, k3 with the second yarn, drop that, and purl all the stitches in the third section with it’s own yarn

On row 3, every section is knit, again with it’s own yarn.

It’s as if you’re knitting 3 separate things.

Okay thanks, so on row3 I stop when I get to the point where to different sections of yarn are, and just pick up that yarn? It’s not really 4 rows in one?

You stop with one yarn and start with the other.

Row 1 was your bind off row.
Row 2 creates an additional row on each section
Row 3 also creates an additional row.

Okay I went ahead and just started listening to the pattern. It’s making sense. :cheering::rofling:

I just couldn’t see it, but know I get it. The different yarn is one two or three considering where you are in the row.:roflhard:

I kept thinking they would have to be numbered, and I’d have to keep track of them. But it makes sense know.

Stupid newbie. Sorry.

No stupid, just newbie. :hug: