Dog rant

:thud:i don’t know what to do anymore. we have had our 3 dogs for 4 years (they are litter mates, 2 boy, 1 girl). They are all very well crate trained. they go in at night, and come out in the morning. they have free access to outside. we give them nutra kibble (no corn;) ). we also have thier mom (she’s…8?) and thier ‘nephew’ who is 1. so, 5 dogs alltogeher. 2 of the males are ‘intact’ (the puppy and one of our other males). the problem? they ‘mark’ on my dd toys. :ick:
we try to keep them picked up. but she’s 16 months, so inevitably they are left on the floor alot. they also mark around the couch ‘feet’ occasionaly. how do we deal with this? i clean it up with antibacterial cleaner or a urine be gone type spray.
i rarely catch them doing it. when i do, he always sulks and hides, so he [I]knows[/I] he’s not supposed to do it (the 4 yr old male).:!!!:
also, our new nieghbor has what looks like an austrailian collie. and guess what? my tiny dogs (all 9 lbs of them) think the rule the world. so when ever new dogie is out and they see him, they run over to that side and bark insessantly until we force them in the house. and the nieghbors never come and get thier dog. i have watched him sit and wait for my dogs to show back up. grrrr
i wish i could find them a new home cause i don’t know how much more piss i can clean and yappy high pitched barking i can take. (btw- not all of the dogs are mine)

here is a pic of 3 of them. the big one is the puppy(intact), the black one is the intact male, and the other is, wel, the other male :slight_smile:

neutering can help with marking behavior. i would recommend that you talk to a behavioralist.

How long have they been doing this pissing on toys?

Maybe you need to seperate the males from the females you know how men are it sounds like they are showing off for the ladies with pissing contests…:rofl: Seriously though that is my experience with males!!!

First of all the males need to be neutered. Females are spayed?

Have these dogs had any kind of training? Telling them “no” isn’t good enough, they need to be corrected when you see them getting ready to mark. They need training, general obedience training.

There is a serious pack issue going on here. So many dogs, same sex dogs, intact dogs, etc.

You need to neuter and get into training classes - formal training classes - ASAP

Is your neighbor’s dog behind a fence? If my dog was outside, contained on his own property and a neighbor’s dog was yapping incessantly at him…guess what? MY dog wouldn’t be the one brought in.

You need to get your dogs under control.

I would say that it is the whole pack thing going on. Whenever I take my dobie to the dog park, he marks like it’s going out of style - I call it ‘pee wars’. :smiley:

I don’t think I could handle (I know I couldn’t) an animal peeing on my stuff, let alone my kid’s stuff. I’d be dogless so fast. Pets are sooooooo not worth that!:ick:

Disclaimer: I am in no way including the OP here! This is a general observation and certainly not aimed at the OP!

The following is a classic example of why there are so many dogs and cats in shelters and thousands being euthanized daily:

“A puppy would be fun! So we go to the pet store (BAD mistake!) and buy a cute widdle fluffball. Well, that cute little fluffball requires lots of care, attention and training…not so much fun anymore. Cute widdle fluffball is…gasp…growing! OH NO! Cute little fluffball is a DOG! Because there was never enough time, because there never was a real committment to poor little Fluffball, Fluffball grew up doing normal doggie things: chewing, barking, marking. Bad doggie! It is all doggies fault, not the irresponsible, lazy, ignorant human.”

Guess where Fluffball ends up?

you may need to being a dog trainer to the home. there is some sort of pack mentality going on here and you are no longer the pack leader. I also strongly suggest spay/neutering- but if the dogs don’t belong to you, I am not sure you can force the issue. There’s really no reason not to neuter a male if you aren’t breeding him. good luck

So true! I look at my idiot neighbors. They have four dogs (just acquired another, previously had three). Both work fulltime, she gets home around 6pm, he gets home somewhere around 11pm sometimes later. The dogs sit outside all day long on the pool patio, pooping, peeing and destroying things while annoying the neighbors with their barking. They never walk them. In fact, my husband one time told the idiot husband to take the dogs for a walk like the rest of our neighbors do but he just looked at him with a blank stare on his face. There is absolutely very little if any interaction with the dogs. For the love of God why do people who have no time to give to a pet constantly go out and buy one?? Go buy a friggin’ fish!
*Not intended to be a finger pointing at anyone here.

Reminds me of the time that we went camping with our ONE dog, and the campers in the site next to use had THREE dogs…

Texas summer…camping on the lake…we stay to swim, they take off on their boat. We take our dog to the water, they leave theirs tied to the tree.

No water, no food. We give them some water and food.

They come back after dark, and later that night, our ONE dog barks at a raccoon. They decide to yell and rant about our noisy dog, even after Max had stopped barking 10 minutes ago.

Then the next day, they took off on the boat AGAIN, leaving the dogs with no water, no food in the summer heat.

DH and I seriously were going to take those dogs, but we figured a nice note at the camp managers station would be better.

My first step would be to visit your vet then if they reccommend the op then so be it. I think they are competeing against one another as to who is the leader of the pack. Pissing on toys (your words not mine) is not acceptable and it must be awful for you to have to keep cleaning up the mess!! I have a dog and he sometimes has the odd accident and so I know what it is like to clean the piss up. I bought some puppy training mats and I put one down whenever I know I am going to be out a while…I dont think this would help you though…Your vet should be able to advise you on what treatment is nessasary. We have a saying over here in England that a dog is for life not just for Christmas!! I couldn’t imagine having to get rid of my dog but then again it must be hard with 5. Good luck and keep us posted…

thanks for the help. the dogs are fairly well behaved. i’m just not sure how to get them to realize it’s ok for the neighbors to be in thier own yard. i get why they bark at the mailman, and when the nieghbor across the street takes her big dog for a walk… they are good dogs. the oldest is my parents dog (they live with us) and the puppy was supposed to be my little sisters (she moved out and can’t afford to pay the apartment fee to take him with her). now my mom considers the puppy hers, so she doesn’t want to get rid of him either. i never wanted another dog in the first place. and origionaly we only wanted two, and had them spayed and nuetered. then the family who had taken our other male, decided they didn’t have the time for him, so he came back home. he is very sweet, but intact, and so he marks ‘his’ territory. i can only assume that since he thinks the house is his, he feels ok to mark the toys. we cannot afford to pay someone to train, that’s where i need help. i am willing to train and change this behavior, i just dont know what to do. we were successful in crate training our 3, and they never pee or poop in the house or thier crate. they also never tear up anything. just the marking every once in a while, and the unnessisary barking … sigh

this is definantly not a case of “oh how cute!” and now we don’t want them.

Boil up some hotdogs, slice em up and keep a bunch with you at all times. Start off by training “watch me”: Put a piece of hot dog in your mouth Command “watch me”. When the dog makes eye contact, spit the hot dog to him and praise him. This is a great way to get them to learn how to pay attention to YOU. Be patient, they will get it. Soon, you can lose the hotdog and just praise.

When they bark, command “No bark”. Firmly. When they shut up, give 'em a treat and praise. After a while, hopefully, they will get it through their brains that being quiet means getting good things.

Not much but a start! :slight_smile:

Here’s another very similar exercise to help your dogs learn to pay attention to you:

Hold a treat (my pooch loooove hot dogs too, I use 'em raw) hidden in your left fist close to your chest, just under you chin.

Hold a piece of the same kind of treat in your right hand, visible to the dog. Put this hand to his nose and let him sniff and lick the treat (but don’t give it to him). Now lift
your right arm to your side, with your treat still in it, high enough so that your dog can’t jump up and reach.

Your dog will stand and try to jump and get the treat for awhile. Don’t say ANYTHING! Just wait…eventually he’ll look at you. The SECOND he makes eye contact: give him the hidden treat and give him tons of praise for “watching me” or “looking” or whatever you decide the command will be.

Every dog takes a different amount of time to figure this game out, but it’s fun and easy and it quickly teaches your dog that while there are tasty, exciting things everywhere…the easiest and best way for him to get access to them is through YOU. And hopefully it will help condition him to begin always going to you for decisions and guidance. Ultimately you want him to understand that you make ALL the decisions in his life: you say when he can sniff and pee and when he can’t, when he can bark and when he can’t, etc etc b/c you’re the leader.

Try this paired up with rottnboy’s attention command exercise with each of your dogs and it should get you a great start on regaining some control.

There are also lots of great sites and info on dog training and behavior shaping that you can do at home for free…try Googling for awhile. You can also buy a clicker pretty cheap at a pet store and work on some simple clicker training exercises to get them used to positive reinforcement, behavior shaping etc. (google that too).

Remember that follow-through is key. Once your dog knows a command, he needs to learn that he has to do it EVERY time you say so…not just when he feels like it. So never give your dog a comman unless you are prepared to follow through with making him do it

It might be best to start working with one dog at a time in “private” sessions in a separate room or something. And keep them very short and fun–15 minutes max and always end on a positive note.

Also, are the dogs all getting enough structured exercise? Even if they get to play with each other or romp in a back yard, they need to be walked daily…learning to walk on a leash with YOU in control stimulates them both physically and mentally, which will help calm them down a bit.

I also second (third? fourth?) the recommendation on getting those male dogs neutered. It helps with a lot of aggression/territor problems and there is no need for a dog to be in tact if you’re not a professional breeder. It’s how so many accidental puppies happen…but I know it’s expensive.

Good luck! I hope this helps get things settle so you and your dogs can enjoy each other’s company! :hug: :muah:
Let us know how things go!

This is Bob Barker reminding you to spay and neuter your pets! (NSFW - YouTube) :roflhard:

If you get the national geographic channel, watch the Dog Whisperer He gives all kinds of great training tips and works with dogs with a variety of problems.

Oh boy. I don’t think I would be able to handle more than one dog. I spent half of the night last night sitting and kniting in the bathrom because our dog was terified of tunder. She was laying in the tub. That is the only place she can calm down and not get hurt or break anything. She also didn’t want to be alone. I had to be there o the rest of the family can sleep.
I see many cute dogs but 1 is pleanty for me. And we wouldn’t trade her for anything :slight_smile: