Dog "Luggage Tag" Idea -- need feedback

I’m trying to come up with ideas for our online charity store. They need to be quick, easy, and light-weight for shipping.

I’m thinking about making name tags for pets, done up like luggage tags, with the name going lengthwise and a chainstitch loop at the end to pull the tag through, so it could be used on a dog’s collar, carrier, stroller, leash handle, etc.

I want to be able to sell these really cheap, so my question is:

What is the quickest, easiest method for knitting letters? Should I knit the tag first, then embroider the letters on or should I knit them right in? Whatever I do should look good from both sides. HELP! :knitting:

Double Knit (letters right into the knitting and making no bad side) this will create a thick tag

Duplicate Stitch you would do this after it was done and could just work it on the front (it would show on the back) you could knit another tag and seam it on to cover the back side…

I think you would have to do the same with Embroidery 'cause it would also show on the back…

Is there a way to knit the tag and then sew on a name form? That way you could fill that info in by hand?

Thanks for the good ideas. I messed with this most of the day, yesterday, and everything seems like too much work for what I could charge for them. I can’t imagine anyone paying more than $5 for one of these, so I really wanted something I could knock out in an hour or so, but I’m not optimistic. I’ll give it a few more hours today, and if I can’t make it happen I’ll just have to think up something else.