&$#*^% dog! Help!

I was knitting a sock on size 2 bamboo DPN’s and the dog managed to get her rotten little puppy teeth on it (that’ll teach me to leave things in her reach). The sock is easily fixable but the needles didn’t fare so well. One of the ends is chewed badly and I can’t even FIND the other one. So now I only have 3 size 2’s. Can I use one in a different size or will that screw the whole thing up?

Using a different size needle will make your knitting a bit uneven.

According to EZ, you can use one size smaller or larger, because it is evenly placed throughout your knitting. It won’t affect your gauge significantly, either.

Ummmm… did you look inside the puppy for that needle!? I hope it isn’t there! This isn’t funny is it. But EZ’s idea works well. And put the knitting up higher… Poor you! samm

Ouch, sorry that happened!

I wanted to do both sleeves at the same time on the last little sweater I knit and I didn’t have two sets the same size. I used 2 sets one size apart and mixed them up. It looks perfectly fine to me. I would give it a try.