Dog/Cat snicker of the day


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Thanks for sharing!!!

:rofl: For a minute there I thought the dog was sitting on a duckling. Geez, I may need more coffee. :teehee:

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Now this is one way to get that pesky kitten to stop biting my tail… LOL!!!

Thanks for the laugh.:roflhard:

:slight_smile: Somehow, I bet that kitty got revenge!

Oh you know it! There’s an orange, young cat in our neighborhood that hides behind trees and waits for people to walk their dogs by. He jumps out and gives the dogs a Jackie Chan karate kick to the sides. It’s funny to watch and the dogs are simply stupified by it. My friend’s dog is afraid of him and won’t walk on that side of the street anymore for fear of Crazy Cat the kung fo fighter!

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that actually looks like my big cat Elena and little cat Lola.

Elena is literally twice the size of little Lola. Lola torments Elena so Elena will literally sit on her to get her to leave her alone. Sometimes she lies right on top of Lola and you can’t see Lola at all. Elena can fit Lola’s head in her mouth. its quite funny.

Nice, cushy pillow for the pup!

and yet I like the kitty better :teehee:

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LOL! :smiley:

Funny! I shudda looked at this yesterday. Thanks for the laugh.
It’s amazing how tolerant some cats can be.

I LOVE ANIMALS!!!:roflhard:
They can cheer you up no matter what is going on!!

Me too, with the exception of the skunk that just sprayed someone outside my building. The whole place reeks! At first i thought it was just pot (I do live on a college campus in a hippie town…), but as I walked closer to the detonation epicenter, I realized that no pot is that stinky. I gagged, my eyes watered, and the girls around me all started to run and scream. shudder

One of my dogs was sprayed once. At a distance, it smells just like if you smell it outside, up close and personal though, smells like burning tires or something that awful.:passedout:

I didn’t just snicker, I let out a great big HAH… and scared the sleeping kitties. :teehee:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: thanks for sharing!.