Dog Booties?

I recently moved from Florida to Utah and the impending snow season is making me wonder if I’ll have issues trying to get my chihuahua to do his business outside. He already tries to balk when the ground is wet and cold from rain, I’m worried he’ll outright refuse to move once the ground is frozen. He starts to shiver really bad when his paws get cold, and he tends to just stand with his tail between his legs, looking pathetic.

So basically, I’m wondering if anyone knows of any patterns for dog booties. I tried, once, to get him booties from the pet store but they didn’t seem to fit right (even though I got the smallest possible.) The “pad” on the bootie didn’t fall in the same area as the pad of his foot and they never tied on tight enough, they would fall off. He has grown a bit since that time, so store bought booties might work now, but I’m not sure budget constraints will allow for us to get them (Pet clothes are so expensive! It’s like lingerie, you pay through the nose for a tiny little scrap of material.)

Anyways, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!