Dog Ate My Knitting - Help!

Hello All,

I’ve been lurking for awhile; however this is my first post :slight_smile: I knit a shawl out of 100% Alpaca for a friend and within moments of her trying it on and then throwing it across the sofa to give me a hug, her dog snatched it off the sofa and chewed a couple of places. Is there anyway to fix this?

The pattern is very simple…yo, knit across and is on youtube as “Easiest Shawl Ever”. I’m a newish knitter and have never had to fix something that’s already completed. I’ve attached photos showing the damage. Luckily we found her chomping before the damage was too much. Please help!

Thank you in advance!

Oh my gosh, that dog was so fast. Where is this is the shawl? Are you near the cast off edge? If so it would be relatively easy to take out the sts and re-knit. If not you may be able to do a repair by weaving in the chewed ends.

Thank you! The worst section is the top corner of the shawl. She didn’t chew through the bind off; however it looks like a few rows. The other section is about 3/4 way down the shawl on the opposite side.

Your knitting is lovely.

Google search for how to repair a hole in knitting

If only a few stitches are involved I wonder whether you might just duplicate stitch over them and make sure the ends are woven in well.

The section 3/4 of the way down looks like it might be a pulled couple of sts rather than a break? if so you may be able to work the pulled yarn back into the fabric.

For the bind off area, you could consider taking out those last few rows and re-knitting with fresh yarn. I know it’s probably a lot of sts but that will re-do the torn section.
And keep that dog away from all your hard work!

I had googled before asking; however all the videos show a hole in the middle of the work instead of the edge. I am relatively new (1 year) to knitting and this was my first shawl :slight_smile: I’ll see if I can learn how to pick up stitches to restart the knit from where she chewed through at the top. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do it and wasn’t sure if there was a way to pick up the broken threads and re-knit. Thank you so much for your replies! :muah:

For small chewed spots like that, threading a big-eyed yarn needle and “chasing” the yarn through the stitches will work. It’s more or less duplicate stitch, except where you replace a piece that’s completely missing by going the way you know the yarn has to. It’s easy to hide repairs in a garter stitch piece, rather than lace or Fair Isle.

It’s just one more knitting lesson…not one any of us plan for, but we all have to do it sooner rather than later!