Doesn't anyone watch Lost?

I love Lost, we always watch each episode twice. This season is confusing to my husband who insists on playing his video game (EVE) and then asking me “what just happened; why did it happen that way?”

me too, I LOVE LOST!! & I am in the group on ravelry, I think maybe Claire is dead:zombie: ?:shrug: .but I don’t know ?:aww: .

No way? All the way back from Season I?! Hmmm. I’m going to have to check that out. Only bad thing is I would be stuck at my computer to watch it…

Yup, all the way back to season 1! It isn’t so bad watching it on the computer… Our TV isn’t widescreen so I get widescreen when watching on the computer. And commercials are limited, 4 30 second ads. It’s do-able.

We (Lost fans) need to get you caught up!


I was going to watch it but couldn’t find it. :shrug:

Me too~ Love LOST!

I know I’ve been wondering what happens to Claire, too-I think she must die, I can’t imagine her giving up Aaron!

And I hope Charlie comes back to life too :mrgreen: I took the test on which “LOST” character are you, and I am Charlie, LOL.

I agree, ArtLady, I miss the cop-girl too. I think she has no hope of coming back though-she looked really dead :frowning:

Yup, somethin’s up with Claire.

And, I still think that Charlie is NOT DEAD.


Well, my goodness! The father of the lost/dead boy is back on the ship! Jin is dead! His baby is a girl and adorably healthy looking!

Where’s Charlie!??? :shrug:

What about the clip of Jin saying he was only married two months? Was that a flashback or did he come back on a different timeline like Desmond

That was a flashback. Jin was in flashbacks and Sun was in flashforwards. Those tricky writers didn’t make it obvious though. There were a few clues though, such as the old cell phone that Jin was using and when the man in the store tried to sell him the dragon because it was the year of the dragon (2000).

Hey Knitgal! Good observations! Thanks for that!

In watching LOST for the second time tonight (with DH) I kept thinking maybe Jin was alive in another time warp…and it was corresponding with Sun being at the hospital at the same time. She kept thinking she saw him. He kept peering into a hospital maternity room. All too coincidental. Where do these writers get these plots and story lines? Fortune cookies? They must just stuff a bunch of random cool ideas into the cookies, and whatever pops out today is next week’s episode!

Oh well, time will tell…no pun intended.

Darn it. I liked Jin. Why did the show have to OFF him? :shrug:

No kidding! Artlady, are you part of the Lost Knitters group on Ravelry? It’s really fun to hear everyone else’s views and the things they catch. I think the general concensus over there is that he might not be dead.

I just joined the LOST group at Ravelry today! I read all 13 pages of this week’s episode’s “spoilers”. Phew.

Lots of good comments and ideas. Some I never thought of!

The moderator has a good handle on managing the various Seasons and Episodes. I mean, the Group is well organized by Seasons and Episodes and topics.

After reading all 13 pages of fabulous posts for this week’s episode… I think I don’t know what to think! But the up-side is…I more angles to think about thinking about! :eyes: Huh?


No kidding! I love that group, but some of the people on there are a little…intense. They are sometimes a little snippy, especially if someone gets a fact wrong or disagrees. It just think it’s all for fun and it’s great to have people to bounce ideas off, but if you suggest something they don’t agree with…watch out! Haha.
I’m glad you joined though, it’s nice to have another KHer there.

Hey knitgal! :waving:

Yeah, I’ll most likely be a “lurker” over in the Ravelry LOST group.
I can’t see myself having anything worthwhile to post! :shrug: I mostly just click the little buttons below each post that says “Interesting”, or “Agree”.

I never click “disagree” because I’m so confused! What’s to disagree with! I have no worthwhile opinion or ideas! Anyone of the posters could be right, and most “bases” are touched upon by someone else!

I flunked “Mystery 101”! Detective Columbo I am not! :roflhard:

I just enjoy see the mystery unravel. :cheering:

I found it, but couldn’t watch it! :mrgreen:

Maybe from a hookah and a bottle of wine.

Oh my gosh! I just watched last week’s episode (I was in Las Vegas and couldn’t figure out the TV schedule).

What a strange one! My daughter and I can’t figure it out either…even though I’ve read y’all’s comments. Hmmm…

WHOA! i didn’t even think of the idea that Jin is the past and Sun is the future. THat makes so much more sense!! But Jin can’t die!!! He’s so nice and so happy to have a baby and…and…and…ugh this show keeps throwing me for a loop everyweek. But like I roller coaster ride I :heart: it!

I came up with a new theory on why the pregnant women are dying. I remember Juliet saying something about the immune system attacking the fetus. Perhaps it has something to do with the healing properties of the island, they make everyone very immune BUT they attack foreign matter in the body (like Rose’s cancer?), so they end up attacking their own fetus, which leads to their demise.