Doesn't anyone watch Lost?

I did a search of these forums and cannot find anyone who watches Lost. THis show is finally getting good and I don’t know anyone else irl who watches it either. C’mon people share the love!!!

I love Lost. The writers really work hard on that show and I enjoy the enhanced episodes with some obscure references about where the ideas come from: like what books Lost characters are reading and such are very interesting. Definite addiction.

I watch, too. I’m just not a poster about TV shows usually. :wink: I like it a lot, but am finding some of it confusing this time around.

I absolutely LOVE Lost! Are you part of the Lost Knitters group on Ravelry? That’s where I post about the show. It’s great for hashing out theories.

Yeah, I’m a Lost junkie too. Been watching since Episode 1! Whatcha wanna chat about?

My husband watches, but I never could get into it.

I’ve been watching since the beginning.

I love, love, love LOST!:blooby: I would love to be lost on that island with Jack…:flirt:
So what’s up with Ben? Good guy-bad guy? Why are Sayid and Michael working for him? Lots more questions and every episode only gives more questions…but I’m addicted.
Go to and play the game…it’s fun! I’m just having trouble getting it to show that I have completed a couple of activities that I have done over and over.

Cool. So I think I know who the “man on the boat” is that Ben keeps talking about. Scroll down if you wanna see

I think its Micheal! I mean Locke saw Walt right? So that;s what I think.

And what is UP with 3.2 million dollars? Why not 2 million? THat’s so susipcious.

And the last survivor that’s going to be part of the “six” famous survivors? I think it;s gonna be Locke. Remember when Jack read in the paper that one of them died? And no one came to the funeral? I think it;s Locke. That means Chen doesn’t get off the island. She;s gonna die??? Juliette is gonna stay cuz she’s a doctor too right so she has to get stuck. And then Dan Faraday(I love that actor) I think he’s a good guy but I soooooo want to hear his back story.

OK I’ll stop now. Can’t wait till the next show!!!

Funny you should bring this up. I wanted so badly to watch this show. It’s hard to get TV time around here, though, so I missed the first several episodes of the first season. Once you miss out, you can’t follow along! So I gave up trying to watch it. Just yesterday I was talking about this show with someone. She told me she just started watching Season 1 on DVD. She said she’s hooked. I tried renting Season 1 last night, but it was out. As soon as I can find it, I’m going to start watching, too!
Right now, the only show I watch regularly is Survivor. I even FORGET about House on Tuesday nights!!!

Oh, I’m a fan too! It’s been a great season so far! :cheering:

OK I found the Lost group on Ravelry. They have spoilers!

How could they? Unless you’re referring to someone seeing it earlier than we do. :??

I dunno… I gave up trying to make sense of this show after episode 2. :teehee: I like your theories on Michael and Locke though!

GAH!!! You f…fff…forget House?? :zombie:

True spoilers originate from people who work near the show, they leak a little info, and that gets passed around. However, I don’t give much credit to spoilers because most of them are just gossip, but they’re fun to read. :slight_smile:

Most of the “Spoiler Alerts” on the Lost group on Ravelry aren’t true spoilers. They’re just to prevent people from reading the thread before they’ve seen the episode that they’re talking about- as it would be a spoiler to them. Some threads truely are spoiler threads though.

I know!?! I don’t know how it happens…:doh:

The funeral that Jack went to was not for Locke it was for a guy named John Lantham. My husband who is also a LOST fan found the obituary on the ABC web site after that episode.
And, what’s the story with Aaron, does Kate kidnap him, does Claire give him to her, what?
I think Locke stays on the island because he feels he is the new leader of the Others and the island healed him and if he leaves he would be in a wheelchair again.
Thank goodness for TiVo! Thats the best for catching little things hidden in the episodes…like the black smoke monster that attacked Ecko…it had flashes of his past in it(you had to slow it down and go frame by frame). That’s how obsessed I am with this show.
Could talk all day, but I wont bore you.

Silver I :heart: House too. And then there’s another show I’m watching too called Breaking Bad in the AMC channel that is really good too. It’s about a school teacher who has lung cancer and has no money so in order to make money for his family he starts selling meth.

[B][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=6]LOST fan here, too!
[COLOR=Navy]Something I truly enjoy is the ‘enhanced’ repeat that plays one hour before the new episode! I like the subtitle information. Ya can’t knit while watching the enhanced repeat however!

I think we are going to see CHARLIE in the next episode! I never “bought” into his death. I think he could have been hauled out by someone (through the blown porthole) after the room filled up.

I think LOST is better than ever this season! I think the writers are putting more brain matter into the plot!!

Yes, DH and I have watched LOST since day one. At first, after each episode, we swore it off…then caved in and gave it another look…and another…and another.

I wish the plucky little cop girl would come back to life. I liked her sassy attitude!


At ABC you can stream all the episodes from all the seasons! :inlove: [SIZE=“1”]I love Survivor too…[/SIZE]